Which part of "Who's Your Caddy" are you most looking forward to?

a) The part where a black person(s) teaches a white person(s) how to dance, possibly via “raising the roof” or getting “jiggy with it”. The older and fatter the white person is, the funnier it will be!!!

b) The uptight white girl that acts disgusted by the black guy’s but secretly digs him finally hooks up with him at the end. Bonus points if racist old white lady faints or breaks a monocle at the sight.

c) The golf match to settle a dispute. Mega bonus points if we’re thrown a curve and the dispute is decided with a ski match.

d) The golf ball in the nuts.

e) Tiger Woods jokes. Bonus points if it is race related.

f) The part where the white person picks up the black lingo, i.e. “Oh no you didn’t.”

g) Snoop Dog.

The end?


I thought this was going to be a movie about a caddy from Indiana.