Which Photo To Use for a Birth Announcement?

Or, a shameless way to show off my kid!

I’m working on Spencer’s birth announcements (yes, he’s two months old already - I know I’m late!), and am planning on including the hospital photo as well as a more recent one. (God bless Sam’s Club’s 17-cent prints!). Here’s a link to a special Yahoo album with the three finalists: taadaa!

So, which one should I use?

Congratulations! I cast my vote for #3.


When the hell was it born? How did I miss this? Did you make a thread? WOW!

Um, I like Number three too.

The thread, in case you like birth stories.

I think #3 is the best, too.
Very cute baby. Congratulations! (On the cuteness and the baby. :smiley: )

I like 3…my caption would be, “Here I am! Ta-da!”

I really like #3 as well.

He is a cutie-patootie!

3 is good, but I like the expression in 1.

Just to make it more difficult, I’m going to say the second one. I really like how that one is composed, and I love the look on his face. He looks like he’s quite a little character already! Congratulations, I think he’s a keeper!

I’m not going to have the photos printed until Friday, so I’ve got some time to compile the votes. On the advice of my mother-in-law, I’m going to try to take some more photos when he’s awake. I’m going to try to get a face-front photo of him smiling - like #2 but with a big smile like #3.


Don’t worry about 2 months late, that baby’s a cutie and everybody needs to know.

I like #3 best too.

I’m with FilmGeek but also with yellowval (he looks like he’s having a bowel movement, something guaranteed to bring fond memories around to other parents) and therefore no hep at all.

He’s a handsome bugger, I’ll give you that.

Aww- he is a cute little monkey! Number three is nice- I like his big smile.

I vote for #3 as well…


Definitely #3. Damn…he’s pretty fuckin’ cute! I could bite a cheek or two!

Ooo, that would be perfect! In the meantime, I like #1. It looks like he is thinking deep thoughts.

Congrats, Mom!

#2 - best full facial shot.

Congrats, as you well know by now - life will never be the same!

Just a final bump to keep the voting going. I’ll be going to the copy shop this afternoon (most likely).

Congratulations. He’s adorable. Another vote for picture #3

I can’t believe there’s even any consideration of #1 or #2. #3 is a slam-dunk winnah. :slight_smile: