Which song is more kickin'?

Janes Addiction: ‘Just because’


Limp Weenie - ‘Eat you alive’


Jane’s Addition has better street cred and better musicians. Don’t think much of either JA and LB vocalists’, but that’s just my opinion.

Addition = Addiction :smack:

Hmmm…both songs are on my ultra-play list right now - both songs get me tres HOT!!!

Both songs suck.

Never heard of either. Am i missing anything worthwhile?

I’m with you. Anything that was ever cool about Janes was gone before the first Lollapalooza tour, and ther was never EVER anything cool about Limp Dickut.


Doubtful. I don’t know either song either.

I don’t think I’ve heard the JA song, but it has to be better than the Limp Bizkit piece of shit. They’ve earned my ire many times over in the course of their career, but having seen their clip for Eat You Alive, they’ve been officially added to my Enemies List.

Thora Birch… it’s kind of weird. I don’t usually go for the geek girl type. But… American Beauty - very geek girl - very hot. Ghost Word - even more geek girl - yet strangely kind of attractive.

Now Limp Bizkit put her in a clip and she looks even hotter than ever, but I’ve got to put up with that soundtrack?

These guys are truly evil.

i loved early JA and now they are just blah

i loved the first LB album…then then were to hip hop and lost fans i think…now they went back to the rock side and are just blah