Which teams are going to the Super Bowl???

I say Buffalo and Minnesota will be in the Super Bowl.

Which teams do you think is going to the Super Bowl?

I think the Giants are going to beat the Bills on Super Sunday.

That’s because I just bought a copy of the 1990 SB tape and I plan on watching it then!

But seriously folks… This year is fucking nuts. The salary cap issues have made offense downright offensive.

The AFC is clearly the dominant onference this year. Though I do think Jacksonville is the best team out there, as they are winning and they are only just now beginning to get consistant on the offensive side of the ball. And the four good teams in the East seem to be beating up on each other, which can only help the Jags with playoff positioning. And the West is a mess.

Ine entire NFC is a mess.When a team with absolutely no offense (Giants, Bucs) or no defense (Redskins) are in the thick of things this late into the season, it shows how weak it really is there.

I think that the Rams will get the best record this year, but I also see them ripe for an upset come playoff time. Here’s why…

When the NFC was dominating, the AFC sent teams to the Bowl that were not the best which helped that domination. Think about how many times the highest seeds lost in the AFC playoffs during all of those years that the NFC dominated and it shows.

Now that the trend is reversed, I see it happening in the NFC too. It did last year, when the powerful Vikings got beat by Atlanta.

So while the Rams should lock up the best record, I can easily see them getting beat by, say, the Vikings.

My prediction is Jags against Vikings, with the Jags winning in yet another ho-hum SB.

(But I’m ROOTING for the Giants, you know! :smiley: )

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Satan’s got a pretty solid handle on things IMHO. The Jags are clearly the favorite, and save for a big injury to Brunell they will have the homefield advantage throughout. The Titans will make the championship game very interesting, but the Jags D should slow George enough, and they need to gt consistant at QB. I don’t see any sleepers making an impact in the AFC, sorry Miami, and Buffalo.

The NFC is a cluster fuck, and the Rams do look ripe for an upset. I haven’t had the chance to watch them play an entire game yet so I can’t say for certain if they’re legit or not. The Lions are posers and the Vikings have no D. Farve is going to completely fall apart this year, and possibly get hurt. The Bucs could make a run if the offense plays like they did last week. They’re my preseason pick, and i still think they have a shot. The East is nowhere, Dallas won’t be healthy again, the Giants need Viagra, and the Redskins are a house of cards. If I had to put money on it, I’d need to take the easy road and go with the Rams, but my guts say they can’t cut it.

Given the state of the NFC this year, I think they’re just going to cancel that half of the playoffs, and we’ll have our first all-AFC Super Bowl, with Jacksonville over Tennessee in a nail-biter.

Barring that, Jacksonville and the Rams, sadly, with Jax pounding the shit out of them.

Minnesota and Jax. Minnesota finally wins.

Or, if all the other signs of the apocalypse have been seen and documented, Seattle and St. Louis.

I’m with Drain…I’m more excited about the AFC playoffs than the Super Bowl. However, given that we HAVE to have an NFC team in there…I’ll go with Jacksonville-St. Louis. With Jacksonville pounding them into the dust.

I plan to be drunk by the 2nd quarter anyway, so I won’t care…sigh

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Dan Marino will finally get the ring he deserves, when Miami holds Tampa Bay to a single field goal to win the SB! :slight_smile:

My dream Super Bowl would be St Louis vs Miami – my new (circa 5 years) favorite team vs my old – and most – (circa 25 years) favorite team. Surprisingly enough, it’s a possibility.

For you folks who picked Tennessee – are you kidding? Miami kicked their asses!. Look at their division – ooooo! the AFC Central – real powerhouse teams there. MMMM, those Bengals and Browns are real dominant. And the Kordell’s really electrifying the Steelers this year. Not too hard to stay on top of that lot. Of course Jacksonville is a different story…

And Buffalo? Lost to the Jets today. Yeah, Yeah, they swept my fish this year, whatever…

Also, nobody’s mentioned Indianapolis. They’re playing mighty well lately. Philly was supposed to give them a hard time today with their running game, but, didn’t happen, to say the least.

My picks for the AFC – Miami, Indy or Jacksonville.

The NFC is a much tougher call. I think the Rams are less of a fluke than most people think. Granted, they are in a rather cream puff division this year. But they’ve played some tough opposition and put the numbers up.

Much as I hate to admit it, because they’ve had Jeff George passing, but Minnesota seems to have pulled out of its early-season funk. And the NFC Least is just that… Hard to say much good about the Giants, the Skins or the Boys considering how inconsistent they’ve each been.

Bottom line, I’m still hoping for my #1 vs. my #2 teams. I’d root for Miami – Marino more than deserves it. Hell, they’re happy to win more than 4 games in STL, much less go to the playoffs, much less win the division (or the conference).

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AFC - Seahawks, maybe Colts depending on matchups.

NFC - Rams, though I’d like to see Dallas pull it off so I can watch the Seahawks kick their asses.

SB - Seattle over Rams in a close game.

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Well I know it will not be the Falcons. They just did not want to be the first team to play the SB in their home stadium. It would look fixed you know.

I really do not care who it is. I will likely watch it though.


Jax over Minn. I agree with Satan, yikes!

In the SDMB fantasy league at Yahoo, I predict Banana Slugs over Cheese Heads. See our standings in the Teeming Ten (League ID#: 62402).

The Colts will beat a Central Division team when Peyton Manning throws a TD pass with less than a minute left.
I cannot decide which Central Division team the Colts are likely to meet. However, the NFC East is a shadow of itself and, after watching Washington blow a three-TD lead against Dallas in the fourth quarter, there is not team from the East I would make bets on. As for St. Louis, with Carolina and SF (Sob!!!) gone to the dogs, the Rams look much tougher than they are. The Rams may win a wild-card game, but they will not win the championship.
Go Indy!!!


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After years of watching both teams get pounded into the turf, I would love to see the Colts versus the Rams. That seems like the perfect Super Bowl for this really strange NFL season.

This season has made it brutally difficult to be a fantasy football owner.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.