Which Two Comic Strips Would You Merge

I know from time to time we have seen a character from one comic strip appear on another comic strip.

But let’s say you had the power to merge two comic strips. So where there were two comic strips there are now one. And this merger would involve no loss of characters.

Which two strips would you like to see merged and why?

And they can be defunct strips too, as long as their comic strips that run or ran in regular newspapers.

I would like to see Cathy and Dilbert merge. Cathy has a lot of office life and Dilbert is wild and crazy. I would like to see Dilbert and Cathy have an affair. :slight_smile:

Marmaduke and Howard Huge.

Blondie, Hagar the Horrible, Beetle Bailey, and a bunch of others. Then we could recycle all the old, tired gags in one place without taking up so much space on the page.:slight_smile:

Peanuts and Boondocks.

Lio and Pearls Before Swine

Actually, I’d especially like to see Dagwood, Hagar, and Sarge in an eating contest.

Andy Capp and The Lockhorns as next door neighbors would be all kinds of wrong. :smiley:

IDilbert and Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin would give Cubeville a big shakeup.

Two of my favorites. I would love to see Linus and Huey philosophize.

ETA: Czarcasm beat me to Andy Capp. I was gonna cross them with Family Circus.

I love it when Stephan Pastis spoofs The Family Circus in Pearls Before Swine. I wish it were forever.

Also The Far Side with Mark Trail. I’m still working on what that would be like. Ah, shit, I just realized I didn’t come up with that one either, because I have a vague memory of a Far Side panel concerning the secret adventures of Mark Trail which involved poaching. O.k., how about The Far Side merged with Nancy?

I think Mark Trail would work better with The Phantom-same class of baddies, twice as many fight scenes.

I can’t remember if the bad guys in The Phantom always have facial hair…

I second Pearls and The Family Circus.

How about a comic strip Pet Swap? Maybe between Garfield and Get Fuzzy.

^ And that way Satchel and Odie can form a support group.

Concerning Bucky, I fear for John’s life.
Well, not really, but I’d sure as hell put John on my Death Pool list.

I’d like to see Bucky Kat and Rat in the same strip.Pig and Satchel for that matter.

Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County

What possibilities.

I think that BC, the Wizard of Id and Shoe have compatible sensibilities. And they are all way past their prime. So a merger might help, preferably involving a rip in the time-space continuum.

Hagar the Horrible, Blondie and Beetle Baily are another possible team-up.

Blondie and Dilbert. Mr. Dithers could kick the tar out of Wally for being lazy. Bob the Dinosaur could devour Elmo and Mr. Beasley the mailman when they come to the door. Dogbert and Daisy could have a litter.

The Phantom and Tarzan could merge pretty seamlessly.

Calvin & Hobbes with Lio. With the proviso that Calvin and Lio hate each other. And Hobbes and Lio’s dad don’t understand why.