Which vaccine would you get?

Here in Denmark they just opened up for both Johnson and Johnson, Astrazeneca, and Pfizer.

If you had a free choice between those, which one would you take?

Pfizer is a bit later, so Im thinking one of the first two.

Whichever one I could get first. Any differences in the specific vaccines (unless you have certain medical conditions) is pretty meaningless in the long run, but the sooner you get your first (or only) dose the better.

I can get AZ and J&J at the same time

I would have gotten Johnson & Johnson. (U.S.) One and done. However, at the time the J&J had been temporarily suspended due to blood clotting issues. I was fine with taking the Moderna vaccine, even though I had slight reactions after both shots.

If all are available at the same time, I’d flip a coin between Pfizer and Moderna. If one were available tomorrow and the others not for several weeks or longer, I’d take whatever is available tomorrow, including J&J and AZ.

How about both? One now, the other later.

Mix-and-match COVID vaccines trigger potent immune response (nature.com)

Vaccinating people with both the Oxford–AstraZeneca and Pfizer–BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines produces a potent immune response against the virus SARS-CoV-2, researchers conducting a study in Spain have found.

I’ve already gotten Pfizer dose 1.

So, uh Pfizer? I’ve heard mixed reviews on mixed doses, and around here Pfizer seems to be more available.

Same here, from Canada, Pfizer for my second dose, but Moderna is also available around here.

When I registered to get the vaccine, I ticked the box for no preference. I just wanted it as soon as possible. I ended up with Moderna.

Given your choices, I would get Pfizer if it’s easy for you to isolate until you can get it, or J&J if your risk of catching covid while waiting for Pfizer is non-negligible.

Pfizer seems to be more effective against the variants than AZ. It also seems to have a better risk profile then the adenovirus vaccines. There’s a small risk of an immediate allergic reaction (which can usually be treated effectively) and very few reports of much other than that.

J&J is less studied than the others, but was moderately effective against the South African variant, which is one of the nastier ones. AZ seems not to be. And you didn’t mention your age or sex, but my sense is that the rate blood clot disorder the adenovirus vaccines can provoke, especially in younger women, is more common with AZ. Also, AZ requires two doses to reach comparable effectiveness to one dose of J&J.

But unless you are a young woman, the risk of waiting may well be higher than the potential benefit of the Pfizer vaccine. If you ARE a young woman, wait for Pfizer. Covid probably won’t kill you even if you do catch it. Just be really careful in the meantime, since there’s some risk of long covid and a large risk of infecting someone else if you do catch it.

My wife and older daughter got Pfizer, as will my 12 year old on Sunday. I got AstraZeneca after discussing with my doctor due to VITT risk. He felt AZ was worth the risk vs the delay for Pfizer and Moderna.

I’m debating my second shot as they are likely giving Canadians who has a first dose of Astra to repeat or get an mRNA vaccine. I’m leaning towards mRNA.

My actual, real life, choice for me was “whatever you have”. I literally signed up to be vaccinated by a local hospital that advertised some extra doses without knowing whether they would give me J&J, Pfizer, or Moderna. (The three available in the US at the time.) They gave me Pfizer.

Mixing and matching isn’t currently an option in the US, but i bet that after the dust settles, that will prove to be the winning choice.

I ended up getting Moderna because it was the earliest one I could get. J&J was not available at the time at all because it was suspended. If I had a choice I’d have gone with either Moderna or Pfizer, I don’t really care. I’d rather not get the J&J because it’s slightly less effective.

Still, the J&J is better than no vaccine at all.

I’m getting the one available at my local pharmacy. Tomorrow, 1pm. It’s one of the two-shot deals; I don’t know which one. They say the second shot is 3 weeks later.

One poke from any of the choices will probably keep you out of the hospital even if you get covid. So take what you can get.

For me, because I typically travel to Asia 10x/year, I wanted one with the highest efficacy rating. It just so happened to be Pfizer but I would have happily done Moderna instead. And if the wait had been longer that a week or two, I would have done the J&J

Most likely that means you are getting the Pfizer. Moderna has the 4 week window.

Not necessarily, I think it depends on the state’s guidelines. Everyone I know locally who has gotten Pfizer shot has had a 4 week wait for the second dose And I myself got my first Pfizer dose on 4/29 and my second will be on 5/28.

I went to Walmart for something and noticed the signs at the pharmacy saying that they had vaccine. They had two types – I took the J&J because that way I wouldn’t have to worry about remembering when to go back for the second dose.

Pfizer or Moderna. Both have the “best ratings” (the lowest likelihood of getting sick).

I haven’t heard of J&J clotting issues. I heard there was contamination and they couldn’t distribute the vaccine for a while. J&J has a good rating and you only need one shot. Astrazeneca has clotting issues, though this is generally for women under 50. Unfortunately it has the lowest “rating”.

I got Astrazeneca. In Ontario we can sign up through the provincial system (Pfizer or Moderna), go to a pop-up clinic (Pfizer most likely) or the pharmacy (Astrazeneca, no longer giving out first doses). I signed up as much as I could, and ended up getting my first shot of Astrazeneca through a pharmacy. That’s probably the worst of the lot, but I wanted to get my shot as fast as possible. I expect my next shot in a couple of months (I’ll get an appointment and not have to line up for hours at a pop-up clinic).

Perhaps once demand has died down, after I’ve gotten my second shot, I will go back and get Pfizer or Moderna? I don’t want to deny a shot to someone else who needs one so I’m not jumping the queue.