Whip It Out For Pee On Earth Day!

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway.

So, it’s not okay to fool Mother Nature, but golden showers are just dandy?

Meh. Every day is Pee On Earth Day in my yard.


Rhubarb - saving water and nourishing plants for over 4 decades.

I thought it was bad for the plants. Hm.

I’m just hoping it will keep the cougars outta my back yard.

I’d thought that too.
Oh well, if someone went through all the trouble to declare it Pee on Earth Day, who am I to refuse?

Someone declared a day to mark your territory? Hell, anything for men to celebrate is good, I guess. And any women celebrating are invitited to the next party. :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s how the plants are naturally supposed to get water.

The folks walking their dogs below my balcony are just going to love me in the morning.

At Bohemian Grove they’ve been doing this for years:


Gee, I always thought that was “rain”.

As opposed to that rain thing? :dubious:

/got nothin’

I think that that is one of those, “Everything, in moderation” type things.

Was it Up in Smoke or The Next Movie where Tommy Chong pisses on one of their plants stating it’s good for them? (Hell, coulda been Nice Dreams).

Whatever movie it was, if Tommy Chong said it, and it involved plant life, I gotta trust him.

OK, it’s how it’s supposed to get nutrients. Although more from #2 and probably more from dead bodies.

Hmm, “Make 'em diea, for Gaia” has kind of a nice ring to it. . .

If this isn’t logic, I don’t know what is.

Thirded. Hell, I didn’t even know it was Pee on Earth Day, and I did it anyway.

That’s called commitment to the environment.