Whisky Tango Foxtrot!!! Shooting at the Holocaust Museum


I have no idea what the motive can be, but the effing Holocaust Museum? This was not a random choice. Some neo-nazi skinhead crazeoid? Ugh…I am going to be sick.

Well, details are lacking at present, to say the least, but it certainly appears fortunate that armed guards were on the premises.

I remember (when I visited it about 10 years ago) that the Holocaust Museum had tighter security than the airport I traveled through on my way to DC. So the possibility of violence has clearly been considered, and is why they have metal detectors and armed guards.

Last little blurb I saw, which will probably be inaccurate, said the shooter was born in 1920. Not sure how anyone could know that yet.

Supposedly, according to a CNN flash, the shooter was one of those injured. So they might know his age from any ID he was carrying.

The gunman was shot too. Presumably he gave hospital staff or paramedics his date of birth.

Kind of odd that they phrased it that way. Why not just say the shooter was 89?

ETA: holy shit … the shooter was 89?!?

From this story-

Edit- Googling his name pulls up multiple hits on the likes of Stormfront & Holy Western Empire, and this Wiki entry is not exactly flattering.

CNN is reporting the shooter is 88. If that’s true, that’s a long time to be carrying around that kind of hate.

Color me confused as to why they need that much security at the Holocaust Museum.

I would have thought this story would have cleared that up for you.

Are you kidding, PlainJain? The kind of people who hate Jews are exactly the kind of people who would bring a weapon into a Holocaust memorial and open fire.

The one in Battery Park has better security than anywhere I have ever been.

He had to hurry to get the shooting done before his next birthday, I guess.

…but couldn’t hold out 'til December.

According to this Washington Post article, one of the things we Jews do that he doesn’t like is “deliberately fart in business meetings”. As Dave Barry would say, I swear I am not making this up.

Well, do you?

Not deliberately.

:confused: I’m not Jewish.

It’s the damn gefilte fish, and the corned beef on rye deli sandwiches that does it! Oy! I feel so much better now, could you please open a window?

Some people just hate. Unfortunately, some of them also seem to be able to obtain guns. It’s sickening that someplace like the Holocaust museum needs armed guards and big security but since the place is about facing unpleasant realities then we must accept that it is necessary.

I’d have figured he’d be shooting blanks.