No posts coming through from my account the past few hours, for some reason - just a test here.

I know hamsters can get hungry, but this is ridiculous! :smack:

You’re talking notification emails here, right?

Checked your spam filter lately?

If they’re not sitting there, I dunno, let me check the mail server here a minute.

So the system is working correctly . . . now, what’s happening on your end? As I said before, checked your spam filter? Is it possible your ISP has blocked us from sending you email? (Sometimes they think we’re spammers.) We have zero control over that process and you’d have to take up the problem with your ISP.

Finally, may be a stupid question here but are you sure you’ve had traffic on your threads/posts?

Thanks, TubaDiva.

No, I’m not set up for email notification by default - I was relying on a combination of the User CP and browsing through the relevant forums and threads. Neither brought anything up I could see, but in the latter case it might have been buried, I guess. Whichever way, the replies are there now, at least as far as I can tell without having taken notes.

And yes, my new thread on Australian wines in MPSIMS is so far empty of replies, but that in itself is unsurprising, especially given the timezone differences and so on. The other replies, I don’t know, and I’m not certain now (a few hours later) what I posted where. If I have any concrete evidence of dropped posts, I’ll give you more details.

It’s entirely possible - indeed, eminently probable - that this is user error. Thanks for stepping in to check, and apologies for taking up your time.