No e-mail notifications

I’m on Yahoo, and haven’t been getting my instant e-mail notifications in several days. Is the postal hamster dead, or is Yahoo screwing up?

I checked the user CP, and that’s set up properly.

I just get sad that the only e-mails I got this weekend were to inform me of the tragic loss of many family members on the Sagbaba Expressway.

Not sure why you’re not getting your emails.

If they’re not parked in your spam filter, I can only assume the hamsters have eaten them.

Are you receiving the notifications now?


Just looked. I can get my paralegal degree, but no SDMB mail.

I’ll give it a little more time, since “instant” is relative.

Discovered “” in my blocked address list. I must have gotten carried away with spam over the weekend. I removed the block, and we’ll see what happens.

I’ve seen several responses to a few threads I’ve participated in which have been posted since 5:00 PM eastern, and I have not gotten a single notification.

I even went so far as to clear all my blocked addresses. Didn’t help.


I had one, but it shrank without surgery. :slight_smile:

Lemme check some settings and get back to you.


Still nothing…