Whistling music in MasterCard commercial

There’s an animated MasterCard commercial where a woman is being followed by her ever-growing piggybank. The tune is a jaunty whistling one that I really like and that gets stuck in my head every time I see the commercial (which is at least a year old).

Does anyone know the tune? I haven’t been able to find the commercial online yet to make this easier.

I don’t know the ad but is it this song?

Nope. I put a recording here. I hope that works as I’ve never tried to use zshare before.

Note: The pictures on the zshare site are likely NSFW.

It’s a piece of commisioned music from Bathing Suit Music. From the link, click the ‘Broadcast’ icon to view a list of the spots they have done music for, your commercial is second on the list.

Very cool. Thank you.