White Collar 9/7/2010 - Summer Finale [spoilers]

A lot going on in this episode. Spoilers starting in the next post…

Nooooooooooooo! Moz! :eek:

He is a great, fun character who adds a lot of charm to the show. I can’t believe they’re killing him off. Maybe it’s a fakeout, but they’re sure making it look like he’s a goner. :frowning:

I really hope it’s a fakeout. If they kill him off, I might stop watching.

Even though Matt Bomer is ridiculously pretty and I like Mr Suit (even if I’ve forgotten his name at the moment), I’ve only been paying attention to Mozzie lately. If he’s gone, I don’t see myself watching much White Collar next season/half-season.

I can’t imagine Mozzie is really dead. On the other hand, I can’t imagine a credible scenario where he isn’t! It’s an enigma.

I enjoyed Neal going all John McClain at the auction house and crashing through the window. They tried to make Fowler more sympathetic, but he was such a prick previously that the change doesn’t seem to fit him, IMO.

The ankle monitor around the dog’s neck was funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

This -

If they bring him back, the show falls trap to so many other shows and is gutless - but maybe this guy shot him in the same location as where Micheal Westin got shot - you know, you’ll bleed alot, but it takes a while, and you can survive.

If they don’t bring him back, I’m not sure I’ll continue - is this the way every season finale is going to go? can’t the writers be a little more origninal?

Maybe Fowler will kill himself in grief, and they’ll transplant his heart into Mozzie to replace the one that just got blown away. (It worked on House.) They better work fast, though.

I think they were trying to do a better finale than last time. When Kate exploded, no one really cared because no one really cared about Kate (except Neil - but to the audience, she was non-interesting).
This time, they decided to kill of a character we were invested in.


I bet that Harry Dresden had ich luge bullets in his gun.