White & Nerdy Video Q's

Weird Al White & Nerdy

Chamillionaire - Ridin Dirty

a couple questions.

In the Weird Al video whats the formula in the background behind Al and Donny Osmond dancing.

In the Chamillionaire video, are the flares supposed to be in a pattern of some significance? In the Weird Al video they are obviously a Pac-Man

This thread from September says what the formula is. :slight_smile:

It’s a chameleon, curled into a c shape - Chamillionaire’s wearing a pendant of the same thing on one of his chains. (I think Krazee Bone is, too, but we don’t get a good enough look at it for me to be sure.)

Just about anything you could possibly want to know about the White & Nerdy video can be found here. (A considerable amount of scrolling will take you to the formula.)