Whither Shayna?

Shayna hasn’t posted since August 12, and I didn’t see a post by her saying she’d be gone. The email address I have bounced back, too, and the email on her profile is hidden.

So, without asking people to compromise any private info whatsoever - whither Shayna? Can anyone let me know? :frowning:

Well, I can’t give you an e-mail address since she’s hidden it (maybe she’ll mail you, yours is visible), but I can tell you that she is alive and well. It’s just, well, they just got married a couple of months ago. And they got a new bike! Tons of reasons to leave the SD for what it is. At least for a while: they always come back. :wink:

I wanted to ask her about the old People Pages - she was bugging me for months to come back after my extended hiatus, and now she ain’t here. Ye gods and little fishes!

You’ll never find her. At least not all of her! Muwahahahahaha! :smiley:

I was wondering where the happy couple are, myself. I saw Spiny on his birthday, and we rode the motorcycles. Come on, kids! Honeymoon’s over! Get back to the boards! :wink:

(Shayna: If you read this, did you like The Young Ones?)

I mean really… how can a stupid honeymoon take precedence over the boards? How is this possible?

And what - people don’t have laptops? Like in the hotel room on the first night of the marriage, they can’t post a “Hi, we’re married!” thread?

No consideration, I tell you. None at all.