Whitney speaks

I heard bits and pieces of some interview a lady did with her wehre she gets all crazy and such. Anyone else heard this?:dubious:

You’re probably referring to the interview she did with Wendy Williams on WBLS in New York. She sounded completely insane and defensive. If I get a moment, I’ll try to hunt down a link of some kind.


Houston, apparently.

Though for a second there I thought the thread would be about the Smallville character. …

Is that Wendy O. Williams from the Plasmatics?

Oh, Whitney Houston.

Did anyone see the interview she did a few weeks ago with, who was it, Diane Sawyer?

It wasn’t a train wreck or anything, but I thought she came across there as very fake and more than a little “off.”

*"Whitney’s Greatest Hits…

Tokes, & Drags!*

She sounded like a Springer guest. “You don’t know me! You don’t know nuthin’ 'bout me!” “Whatever!”


If that is Wendy O. Williams, she could take Whitney. Easily.

Wendy O. Williams has been dead for years

Yeah . . . Well, she could still take Whitney.

The two items at the bottom of the linked page describe it.

It reads like Wendy <unknown inital but not “O”> Williams was on WH’s case hoping she’d blow (so to speak) & she did.


For what it’s worth:

A friend of mine played keyboards on a couple of Whiney tours years ago. He told me that she was a total coke freak and an absolute bitch. In fact, he said she was the most repellant person he ever met in the music biz.