Who actually got something done this week?

You know, I kick ass. I got so much work done this week, and it was really productive. Not just busy work. Everything I did had meaning, it kept coming at me rapid-fire, and I got it out the door efficiently and on time.

I rule.

Wish I had this feeling at work more often. Unfortunately, it more often feels as if I’m just holding back the tide of negativity and nonsense. But for this one week, I did meaningful work, and I did it well.

Who else got something done this week?

This is the first week in months…MONTHS…that we have made our goals at work, and I mean every single day. We couldn’t even do all the prep for next week’s sale because the customers were coming in fast and furious. We had the week in at 4pm today…tomorrow is gravy. Did we do anything different than we did last week? NO. Is there a better sale this week? NO. It feels so good to be doing good…our depression about our job futures has lifted, ever so slightly. Maybe it’s because the Cleveland Indians are on a winning streak…that’s as good a reason as any we can figure out…just want both streaks to continue. Thank you, Cleveland, for spending money this week!

ooh ooh! Me me me! i did!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i finished my history paper: 10 pages on Amsterdam in the 17th century.

-AND- i got all caught up in all my reading for all of my classes

-AND- i finally motivated my groups for group projects to start (seeing as how the projects are due in 2 weeks. . . :mad: )

-BUT- i didn’t get to spend enough quality time with my boyfriend. glad he puts up with my stressed out self :smiley:

Funny you should bring this up right now. I just finished a good week after several miserable ones.

Prior to this week I had several non-productive weeks while management sent me out to scope out deals I knew we’d never do, while other projects festered. And during those weeks I got down, two weeks apart, not one, but two dry holes. Wildcats of the damned. And in between I went to our corporate headquarters to review all I am working on with the CEO and his henchmen, and I did not feel that it went real well.

Combine all that with (I’m usually at the office well before anyone else) my oversleeping two days in a row - and not a little bit, either; I woke up around 10:15 both times (office hours start at 7:30). I never do that.


Well, I cleared the decks and got two difficult prospects resolved and out to management this week, made major headway on a third and got my tax crap done. Very productive week.