Who are today's poster women?

I for one do not understand the infatuation with Vida Guerra. She’s got a huge fucking ass. Gimme Jessica Alba any day of the week.

I don’t see that the question changes that much when you change the technology used. Who do teenagers pick for their desktop wallpaper? Screensaver? Cell phone background? Maybe there’s more variety, but I imagine we can still figure out the top picks.

Here is an earlier thread on Vida Guerra. Note the lack of disapproval in that thread.

Is “Both” an option?
If so…

One would hope.

That’s a feature.

I for one do not understand the infatuation with Jessica Alba. Essentially, she’s Shannon Elizabeth without the nude scenes.

Go rent, “The Sleeping Dictionary.”

I’m posting, thus making me a poster.

I’m a woman.

I nominate myself.

Cite?? :smiley:

FTR, I had Natasja Kinski and the Serpent.

How you doin’? :wink:

Instead of posters on walls, I think nowadays it is desktop wallpaper.

I guess it’s time for a little research…


That monster of a link will lead to AllPosters.com’s Top 48. There’s not a single modern female celebrity until Maria Sharapova and Hilary Duff all the way at the bottom.

People who enjoy the male form appearently like David Beckham as he’s #1.


That was a popular one in the dorms the past few years. I don’t know who the girls are.

For what, Jessica’s body double or her acting prowess? Pass.

You are now my “Poster” Woman!!! :smiley:

She looks like she has flesh covered bowling balls for a butt. Yuck.
I’m pretty sure that the only reason Jessica Alba is alive is to appear in tight clothing or swimsuits. My husband is perfectly ok with this master plan of hers.

I think that’s the faux-lesbian Russian singing duo, Tatu.