Who are you most like?

According to your real-life personality and lifestyle, what fictional television character do you most resemble?

myself: I’m going to have to say George Costanza of Seinfeld. :o:rolleyes:

Chandler from Friends, he has my humor.

Josh Lyman from The West Wing. I figure I’ll be doing politics as my career, so what better show than that. I’m not as good looking as Sam, I’m sorta neurotic like Josh, but not as weird as Toby, or forceful like CJ. I’ll stick with Josh.

Red Foreman from that 70’s show.

I’s just nasty.

In some ways, Frasier Crane, because I can be an incredibly obsessive person. And sometimes just plain neurotic, and I do like to wear short skirts. Oh god, I think I may be turning into Ally McBeal. :o

I’m kind of an amalgamation of Peter Gibbons from Office Space, Hyde from that 70s show and Chandler (but not as “gay”).

Arthur Dietrich from Barney Miller, only with better hair.

Me, too. I even used a quote of his for my sig.

I’m Chandler too. I have his style (sweater vests do wonderful things for me), and even some of his vocal mannerisms. It’s scary.

That is so NOT true.


Well, Daria with Jane Lane’s haircut.

Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but without the British accent.

I’m snuggles the fabric softener bear, all the way

A younger, female version of Sam from The West Wing. Geeky and idealistic.

(Number Six: how YOU doin’? I love me some Giles…)

Guess I should clarify. I’m a female Chandler. With a bit of Monica thrown in for good measure.

There is a scientific way to answer this question. Go to
the guess the dictator site and answer the questions as they apply to you. Unless you actually ARE a ruthless dictator, you will didcover your TV alter-ego.

Apparently I am Sam Seaborn from the West Wing. I have no idea who this is, but it has got to be better than what I would have said without the scientific method - Kotter.

Sorry, I have a cold.

I’m Alex Keaton from Family Ties. That’s actually pretty accurate except I’m center-left and he’s, well…

That’s too funny. Even though I said I had kids, it said I was Monica from Friends, just like I said above. :eek:

I am Mary Tyler Moore.

That’s me, turning the world on with my smile, taking a nothing day…and well, you know.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: