Who are you people?

No, no, I’m not trying to be a butt-head. It just seems that a few people have changed usernames since I last haunted these threads (which was a while ago).

So those of you who have changed names on here over the past, say, year… could you please please enlighten me as to who you were?

Not that any of this is important, but hey! Maybe someone else also needs enlightenment! And then they tell someone ELSE who needs enlightenment, and… and…

Formerly mattk and no relation to the current poster MattK.

I signed up right before the Winter of Our Missed Content as ** Frank the Lost Ramone** but lost that name when all went awry.

We are the Borg. Resistence is futile. You will be assimilated.
Have a nifty neato day.
Quiet, Frank!
No. Won’t. Don’ wanna!
I SAID QUIET! And, what the Hell kind of a name for a Borg is “Frank”, anyhow?
Better than yours, Percy.
I told you not to do the Percy thing, DAMMIT! Don’t go there!
OK, OK. Gee, what a grouch.

:cool: :smiley:


You’d better remember me. :slight_smile:

As per sig…

Hey, welcome back! I’m still me, though I’m soon to become Mrs. UncleBill. I won’t change my screen name though.

Well naturally… I always remember hot women!

Heck, I just saw a bunch of higher post counts and didn’t reckernize the people. Some people musta changed!

Like beatle there. Didn’t recognize Ringo, but beatle I recognize.

And whoa! Geobabe! Someone snatched you up, and it’s a Doper? Zoinks and jinkies!

Anyway, don’t mean to turn this into a catch-up-on-people thread - just was wondering who changed names so I can update my scorecard. :slight_smile:

Yup! Hey, now that you’re back, check this out.

Used to be Max Override

Well, welcome back sweetcheecks!

Oh, and I’m still me.

What Arden Ranger said.

Well blow me down! Heh. Sincerest congratulations. And please have fun at your going-away birthday! Please! I’m asking nicely, now… :>

i’d go, but i think i’m agoraphobic, or something…

Pfff. Stuff and nonsense. Come to the party.

Welcome back!
Where 'ya been?

Oh, I’ve been around. Watching my life getting better, and whatnot. Got inspired by this place to begin my own, so I spend a lot of time being all obsessive-compulsive and stuff. :>

At one dark and gloomy time in my personal history, I was Redukter.