Who buys this stuff?

Future Horizons

“Advanced Technology”

This is one of those sites that sells kits and instructions for building amazing technology! Time travel, psionics, free energy, anti-gravity- they’ve got it all!

Seriously though, aside from being a hilarious read*, do you think this site actually makes money? Does anyone know anyone who has bought one of these things (or who would actually admit to it)?
*Here is one of my favorite descriptions, from the Time Travel section: Hyper Dimensional Resonator -
This Hyper-Dimensional Resonator hooks up to the head of the user and by setting the dial, it will allow it’s user to spontaneously astral project. And once your able to astral project, you can travel in space and time either to the future or the past. This is no joke!! Plugs into a normal 110 volt outlet”

Awesome. I know where I’m doing my Christmas shopping.

Apparently flame-throwers {“Great for torching those nasty bee-hive’s”} qualify as Space Age Weapons. Maybe they’re space bees.