Who can tie knots in cherry stems with their tongue?

I can tie a knot in a clitoris with my tongue.
Amateurs! Wasting you skills on cherry stems.
That makes me a cunning linguist. Ok, enough.
mangeorge (Jealous, won’t admit it.)

It’s certainly not the prettiest thing you’ll see, but here ya go.

Roo’s Cherrystem

ouch! One little spelling mistake, and they rain down hard on ya, no Kama Sutra tricks for you mega the roo.

i can do it! i discovered this while sitting at a diner with my parents. odd, i know, but i think its something interesting to brag about.

First , they have to be marachino cherries. Something about the canning process leaves the stems bendy. Coldfire: there’s a trick to it. I’ll be happy to show it to you…in person.
And yes, I can!
Didn’t spend all those hours behind the bar fer nuthin’.

<raises hand> I can…!!

No I can’t. I am not used to working with things that small. :wink:

You can do it with regular cherries, but if you pull the knot too tight it can tear the stem if they’ve been off the tree to long.


That would be me, too. However, it never seems all that impressive to the women I’ve showed it too.


My friend said he was at a party andit was discovered that all the pple there that had this taletnt were either female or gay men.


I cannot. I have tried and tried. I guess I am just underdeveloped in this regard. sniff, again

Then again, I can get an entire, unbroken jello shooter out of a standard-sized paper cup with my tongue, which has impressed more people at parties . . .

And I can pick up a flat piece of cardboard off the floor/ground without using my hands or letting anything but my feet touch the floor. People seem to just love to watch you do this.

Been able to do this (and other weird tongue stuff) since I was a kid. Funny, guys think it’s wild and women who can’t do it think it’s gross. I can touch the tip of my nose and the very bottom of my chin. I was in an accident when I was a baby and it severed that connecting strip of tissue beneath the tongue–so I’m like Gene Simmons, mine isn’t a natural phenomenon. One person told me I used my tongue like a finger. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad…he seemed to think it was a compliment. Jeesh.

A friend of mine can lick out the bottom of a regular-sized shotglass with her tongue. She has been known to pick up men this way.

Count me in as a stem-tying expert.

I showed it to my wife once. She thought it was exceedingly weird. Par for the course for us, I guess. :slight_smile:

Hey! I don’t care if you can’t spell it! Wanna show me those tricks? :wink:

I can’t tie a cherry stem with my tongue…but i can flip my tongue ring upside down! heehee…

I can too, but my piercing makes it a bit difficult. But I did manage to tie it around my piercing once! I’ve tried that ever since, but it must have been a once in a lifetime thing.

Folks, it’s really not whether the one can tie a cherry stem in a knot, it’s how short the stem is. Mrs. Nen is an expert at the short stems. :slight_smile: Me? I save my tongue techniques for useful things…like, um, licking ice cream from cones. Well, I can tie the long ones, but that isn’t too special in my book.

(And for those who don’t know, Tymp used to have some skill. Unfortunately, he used to tie lures onto the line when fishing, and after the freak treble hook accident, he’s been afraid to attempt anything other than rigging sails).

Oh, you just had to bring up that incident, didn’t you? How ‘bout if I just go ahead and tell Mrs. Nen about that little poker wager, hmmmm?