Who do I call to remove a decaying tree?

I have a very old and very dead tree–or giant tree stump lol–in my yard that is housing some unsavory bugs and critters and needs to go. (It is the source of my roach problem and it is also the home to some carpenter ants who are actually eating through my house, according to pest control.)

I don’t think an amateur can do the job. The tree is very close to both my own home, and the neighbor’s. Someone skilled will need to do it, but who?


I would think a tree surgeon would handle it - even though it isn’t a living tree, they have the equipment to cut up and remove stumps. Check you local Yellow Pages (or equivalent) for Tree Surgeons or ArboriSomethingOrOther.

Did I tell you, I used to be a tree surgeon?
But I had to give it up because I fainted at the sight of sap.
Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

We had trees that died from Dutch Elm disease. We called the city and they had an arrangement with a tree-cutting firm. It cost much less that way, bulk discount and all. They also sell new trees at a discount.

If the tree is infected with anything, and your city is involved in such things, they also have an interest in having it removed.

Get estimates from two or more professionals. Don’t be tempted to cut costs by employing someone who doesn’t have liability insurance. With a rotting tree there are too many things which can go wrong. Be sure the estimates include removal of the stump, since the stump would continue to provide habitat for undesireable critters.

Not to mention that little graft charge…