Who do think is drop dead, I gotta have 'em gorgeous?

This probably isn’t an easy question for guys. Heres where it comes from. I used to love watching Highlander: the series back in the 90’s. Sheer fantasy, but it was fun. My wife would comment on how she thought Adrian Paul was “a good-lookin’ man”. Despite my own ego, I had to agree. I’m not attracted to men, but I had to concede the point…Adrian Paul is a really good looking dude. Heck, I *wish * I was that good looking.

So the question is, **what person of the same gender do you find to be just “damn good looking?”

On the flipside to that, and even my wife knows this, I find Kate Bush to be incredibly attractive. Part of it is her music which I’ve been in lovew with since the 80’s, but man, I think she is hot. My wife conceded that to the point where she told me “If Kate Bush ever says she wants you to be hers, go with my blessing!”. Talk about a quadrillion to one chance.
Uh, Kate…you can call any time.

So the next question is, **what person of the opposite sex do you find drop dead gorgeous? **

I suspect my answers are nothing original or particularly surprising, but:

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, respectively. :o

I agree with Kythereia on both, and must add norman reedus

  1. Dave Navarro

  2. Johnny Depp

  3. Matt Damon

  4. John Hannah

  5. Salma Hayek

  6. Natalie Portman

  7. Sarah Fimm

  8. Hillary Swank

In the cases of Portman and Damon, those specific pictures were chosen on purpose. It is not their typical look but I am … appreciative of the difference.


And CharlizeTheron and Rita Hayworth.

I must have Rene Russo.

Johnny Depp

Brad Pitt

The 1960s Avengers version of Diana Rigg.

The pre-death version of Natalie Wood.

I once had an almost complete inability to judge men by looks. I worked really hard at it and I once told a female friend that I thought Pierce Brosnan must be attractive and she confirmed that I was correct. Giddy with my new intuition, I also figured out that similar looking men like Stone Phillips are also good looking. I still can’t really tell outside of that narrow type (Brad Pitt is 100% mystery to me) so they must be some of the most attractive men around.

Aishwarya Rai

Breathtakingly beautiful.

A young Kathy Ireland. Remember the Miller Light commercial where she climbs out of the well? Hmmmm, I do.

Carmen Electra is pleasant to look at too. She was the only reason I watched Cheaper By The Dozen 2.

Kate Beckinsale, back when she wasn’t so frighteningly thin, was incredibly beautiful.

Urk. I meant Kate BOSWORTH. My apologies.

Christian Bale has been my on-again off-again celebrity crush for quite a while. Loved him as Laurie in Little Women, then forgot about him until he reappeared on my radar by being in Batman. Good actor, so I hope he continues to get cast in movies that might actually be good, like the Prestige. Which also has Hugh Jackman, who’s not too hard on the eyes himself.

He might not be the best actor or have the most charisma, to put it politely, but Orlando Bloom is just so pretty. He reminds me that I’m not that far away from being a teenage girl. Aw, Orlando, ok, I will take you home with me.

As for women, I’d like to grow up to look like Catherine Zeta-Jones please.

The all time winner in my lifetime is Sophia Loren. She has class, brains and beauty and she’s still good looking and very active. She was born an illegitimate child at a time when that was significant. Her looks got her noticed, but her talent, brains and perseverance made her successful. She’s still a beauty in her 70’s.

I guess for a guy I’d take that Ramit Sethi dude who gives financial advice via his blog (hot + smart + knows math). But if we’re going shallow I guess Clive Owen as long as he shuts his mouth and crawls out of my bed once we’re done boning.

For a chick? That’s difficult, I don’t really swing that way though I can admit when women are beautiful. Also would she have better hair? That would make me jealous. I guess I wouldn’t mind having Azar Nafisi around, or some cute Iranian chick. Enough ethnic similarities/differences to keep things interesting, generally tend to be very educated and goodlooking + maybe we could get a discount on hair removal products. It would definitely have to be a fellow hirsute beast from the pelt belt…I couldn’t deal with a blonde who doesn’t know the pain of growing up with pitch black hair. Gah!

Male (same gender): Ralph Fiennes. I’ve thought this guy was gorgeous ever since seeing him in Wuthering Heights in high school English class. (They had us watch the movie rather than reading the book. :rolleyes: )

Female: Alicia Witt, who is IMO the most beautiful woman in Hollywood today.

Same sex-Val Kilmer. (I don’t want him, though.)

Opposite: Sofee for me, too! Kathryn Grant (Bing’s wife, but ONLY when she was younger.)
Don’t know too many of the newer generation actresses, because I don’t watch too many movies and don’t watch too much TV.
Oh! Wait! The babe that is in the opera on “Hannibal.” Now SHE had me daydreaming for weeks.

That’s about it.


Gotta go with Jennifer Connellly. It’s her eyes. The attitude. Classical beauty with burnt edges.

Absolutely, my number one pick is Audrey Hepburn. The woman was a perfect aesthetic creation. Honourable mentions go out to Ayumi Hamasaki (who may just have the largest eyes in the world), Scarlett Johansson (who I’m fairly sure is sex in its human form), and Rachel McAdams (striking with any hair colour, costumed from any period).

Just to reinforce my point, here’s Sophia at 71: http://inhome.rediff.com/movies/2006/jul/07look.htm