Who do want to win the Game of Thrones

Not that it’d be a clean win. In that universe, a pyrrhic victory is a foregone conclusion, but still – who would you like to see win the throne. Any characters you’d pair up as king and queen?

Total up to date open book spoilers of course.

Dany married to Jon ideally

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Jon may not be in much of a position to marry anyone, given the events in DwD. Even as a warg, he’d be riding someone else’s body…someone else who doesn’t have any Targaryen blood or DNA.

I find the hints of Aerys’s lust for Joanna Lannister to be very interesting. The question would be if Dany would look inside Tyrion and find him to be a good match or if she’d be revolted by the surface. I could enjoy seeing a vindicated Tyrion ruling jointly by the side of his Targaryen bride, in his own right rather than as a Hand forced onto a reluctant regent.

Tyrion married to Dany would be my choice, but its too happy an ending to fit with the rest of the series.

I agree with Frodo that Tyrion and Dany would make the best match, but it ain’t gonna happen.
Too fairytale ending for this series.

How about Young Griff and Arya Stark? I’m too sick of Dany to wish her success.

As a first prize I don’t think the Throne is all it’s cracked up to be. I think the best outcome for my favourite characters is that they can retire to the country and grow cabbages – and that after all the war and winter there is still some countryside left to grow cabbages in.

I don’t think the Seven Kingdoms will be unified at the end of the series. Some wild guessing below.

Dany will die or leave Westeros at the end, recognizing that her home is where she came from.
Theon ends up King of the Iron Isles
Rickon becomes King of the North. Bran survives but leaves civilization behind.
One of the Sand Snakes ends up ruling Dorne.
Littlefinger rules everything else, though someone else will sit on the throne.

Jon as King of Westeros, married in a love match to some kind, smart, beautiful young noble lady we haven’t met yet.

But I doubt it’ll happen.

The Dwarf is by far the ‘most good’ character despite his repeated convictions he is not. He is the one that would try to do the best for the most people even commoners

If I popped into existance in that world and had to choose someone to follow/help…it would be him.

Well, I think Brienne of Tarth is the “most good” character by far, but I just can’t see her becoming Queen Regnant (and I don’t want to know if she meets her doom in ADWD, please!).

I think young Aegon is probably a complete fraud, a la Perkin Warbeck, but I kind of want him to end up as king anyway.

Sansa, now that she’s growing up and wising up, might make a damned fine queen, but I’m not laying any bets that it’ll happen.

Tyrion’s good, but he’s smart, which in GoT means that if he has power he is constantly going to be forced to make decisions which involve doing something rotten to prevent something much more rotten from happening … which may happen anyway. I think any character’s chances for doing unalloyed good in GoT are quite limited.

Given how Dany turned into a complete loser in ADWD, I’m going with Littlefinger and Sansa. Litlefinger is more evil than a boll weevil, but the man has style and appears to be one of the few lords with brains. Sansa can charm about anyone.

Are we gonna have spoilers from the books here? If so, I’m outta here. Don’t want to spoil any surprises for myself.

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How about, “(Pre-ADWD open spoilers),” for those of us who haven’t finished the latest book yet?

Jaime and Brienne, of course. Martin does like his plot twists.

Dany or a council of the 7 kingdoms . Westeros is too large to hold together as one kingdom unless someone has an overwhelming military advantage like dragons. The North, Dorne, the Vale, and the Iron Islands are strong defensible positions that are very difficult to invade.