Who do you think is more likely to... (political edition)

  1. Get caught having an extramarital affair, Obama or Romney?

  2. Get caught on tape uttering racial slurs, Michele Bachmann or Sarah Palin?

  3. Come out as gay, Marcus Bachmann or Rick Perry?

  4. Make a misstep that impacts the presidential campaign, Debbie Wasserman-Schulz or Reince Priebus?
    (People can answer and/or add their own.)

1: 50/50, although I should probably give the edge to Romney. If Obama had had an affair, the GOP would go to ends of the earth to expose it (a la Herman Cain). The fact that it hasn’t happened yet says a lot. From here on out, I’ll stick with 50/50.
2: Palin. While both have a strong track record of sounding like morons in front of the camera, Palin seems less aware of it than Bachman. Part of Bachman’s problem is she looks possessed by demons when looking straight at the camera, so its easy to quit paying attention to what she’s actually saying.
3: Come out? On their own initiative (which is what it sounds like you’re asking)? Neither. Ousted by someone else, with convincing proof? Bachman. If Perry was gay he would have been outed by now, I’m sure. If he is and simply hasn’t been caught, I suspect he never will be: whatever he’s doing seems to be working. However, I don’t believe this is the case. I think Perry is just an everyday bigot.
4: Wasserman-Schultz. She has less experience than Priebus and may fuck something up that Priebus would not. Priebus also has his Wisconsin experience to help him.