Who do you think will succeed Obama?

Not who do you want** to succeed Obama, but who do you think will** succeed him, regardless of your political biases? Who do you think is most likely? Although I expressed dislike for his policies in my other thread, Christ Christie seems to be the most likely. Obama’s approval ratings could still be low by 2016, and that, combined with Obamacare, when it comes to full implementation, may practically hand the election to the Republican party; and Chris Christie is predicted to be their nominee, as we know. The only way I could see the Democratic party winning is if Hillary is their nominee and the possibility of there being “a first female president” is played up so heavily as to put her in office for the sole reason that she is a woman and no reason else.

I think Hillary is the best bet. Christie would be a decent candidate, but I don’t think he can win the Republican nomination- and if he does, I think there’s a decent chance of a third party Tea Party candidate which would sink him.

The era of moderate Republican candidates is gone; the Republicans are going to nominate an extremist. So I think the Democrats will win–and Hilary is the front-running Democratic candidate.

It’s too soon. Please, no discussions of the next presidential election until after November 2014.

Christie has potential. Unfortunately, so does Hillary. My best guess is that neither of them becomes the nominee for their parties. I think the next POTUS is going to be…someone not known to be running yet.

It is entirely too soon but Hillary would be the most likely right now. I don’t think a Republican has any shot on the general stage until their party repudiates their destructive tea party wing.

Well, I don’t think Christie can get the Republican nod. The extreme holds too much sway and they’re certain to pull out “Moderates have cost us the last two elections, we need The One True Conservative this time!” And that person, whoever it may be, cannot win.

I think Hilary gets the nod on the Democratic Party side. Unless someone leaps fully formed from the head of Zeus, which is possible but unlikely, it is going to be her as long as she decides to run. Then, despite having several trains of baggage dragging behind her, in a very bitter and divisive election, where the rabid right froths and steams and dies of strokes due to all the anger and outrage, she wins.

If she decides not to run, then the ball is in the air.

Terry McAuliffe

Didn’t we do this in the other thread?

Right now the candidate - from either party - with the best odds of succeeding Obama is Hillary Clinton. If she runs - not a certain thing but I think she’ll at least explore it - she’ll have both the powerful Clinton donor network combined with Obama’s Organizing for America infrastructure. That should scare the shit out of any opponent.

Beyond that, I’d give the odds of 3-1 that the eventual successor is a democrat. Both the nature of the electoral college and the current structure of the Republican Party work against either an electoral win for a moderate or a candidate getting through the nominating process without terminally poisoning his or her candidacy.


Andrew Cuomo
Mark Warner

Those would be my top three D picks. I know people like Schweitzer and Warren but I don’t see it happening.

So many bad assumptions in the OP, where does one begin…

And they could be very high by then, too. Waaaay too much time between now and then to make predictions.

Or, it may hand it to the Democrats.

Predicted by whom? Anyone prediction now is doing little more than guessing.

She’s has way more experience than George Bush or Barack Obama had when they were elected. Had she run immediately after Bill, maybe, but she’s done a hell of a lot more than just being a female in the last 12 years or so.

I’m not totally buying into the “Moderates can’t win GOP nominations therefore Christie doesn’t have much of a chance.” Look at 2012: there were plenty of whacko birds who had a shot: Santorum, Gingrich, Cain, even Paul… Ok, Paul never had a chance, but still. Romney isn’t exactly a moderate, but he’s a pretty mainstream Republican.

Of course, moderates like Guiliani have little chance, but Christie can make a decent claim to being a mainstream Republican. He will have his challenges, like explaining why he said nice things about Obama, but I disagree that any of those are insurmountable for getting the nomination. What I’m saying is, don’t count Christie out yet.

McCain and Romney won by pretending they were right wing crazies in the primary, i just don’t think Christie has that in him. And if he did it successfully it would just cost him the general.

I’ve gone on record with my prediction for the 2016 election: Cuomo beats Santorum.

Yes, they had a serious shot at the nomination, but not a single one of those would have had any chance at all in the general election.

more democrats to further turn america into the 3rd world country that obama is hellbent on making it

Seems he’s trying to make America more like the average first-world country; until recently we were just about the only industrialized democracy without some form of UHC.

You know how it is. Democrats are trying to use the government to turn America in a third world country. And the darned government can’t do nothing right. So the Democrats’ attempts to ruin America are just making it better.

Spoken from the partisan pit of ignorance and foolishness. Let’s keep this discussion reality based.

It is a fact that many of our fellow citizens believe the utterest crap. Thus, their delusions become a part of our reality, regardless of our sanity.

Sounds like he’s got the Religious Right sewn up.