Who do you think will succeed Obama?

UHC (assuming you mean Universal Health Care) is not good policy and is not going to do anything to make the United States more “first-world.” I don’t see why people attack our “pay for hospital treatment” policy here in the US. I mean, seriously, people in other countries act like Americans die in the streets by the masses everyday just because we don’t have UHC. That’s not true, as we know. People get healthcare here. In fact, there is actually a lot of people in UHC countries (UK, Canada) who can’t get healthcare because** of their healthcare system, not in spite of it. These people have to wait a long time for treatment and thus some have died of illnesses that were not treated on time.

your right,i forgot.i should of said that every problem in america for the past 5 years is all george w bush’s fault.thats true ignorance right there

if you want a reality based discussion.Detroit michigan is america’s future under democratic leadership

your right,to bad UHC is garbage and theres a reason why people are trying to get rid of it.if you like free healthcare so much,why dont you go move to a country that has it,and see why so many people dont want it

this is what happens when you elect a president thats from a party who wants freebies instead of working for a living like a decent american

No one said any such thing here and this isn’t that discussion.

Detroit is the victim of single industry failure.

Please learn to think for yourself and write properly. You will probably get more respect.

What of the people in the US who die because their illnesses were not treated in time? What of the people who don’t get healthcare (and they do exist)? Americans do die in the streets because we don’t have UHC. The fact that you don’t see it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

You are quite misinformed.

What? No shit? Well, that changes everything! Why didn’t you tell us sooner?

So, howcum? These other countries, they are more or less democracies, yes? The people get to vote, yes? So, howcum they keep this wretched state of affairs? They could vote to end their misery, but don’t? Why? Are they all stupid, and we are the smart ones?

UHC is not free healthcare.

Please provide a cite to support your statement “people are trying to get rid of it [UHC].”

Please provide a cite that the President’s party, the Democrats, wants “freebies instead of working for a living.”

Oh, you won’t get cites. You’ll get more derp. People like that don’t work on facts.

A lot of countries have switched from private health care systems to public health care systems. But no country that has switched to a public health care system has ever switched back. That to me is pretty strong evidence that public health care systems work and that the people in countries that have a public health care system like them.

Oh I know. Just had to ask.

Once a people turn away from the Free Market (blessings and peace be upon it!), there is no turning back. Their freedoms lost, they gnash their teeth and gaze with bitter envy upon us, with only good health, security, and modest comfort to console them.

Sorry for this rant. I apologize for this and anything else offensive I may have posted on this or any other thread. I’m leaving the dope forums. Bye.

Yes, they do, because here people go to the emergency room, and the taxpayers end up paying for their care at a rather higher rate than they would under single-payer.

My view: Hillary probably wins if she runs. If not, it’ll probably be some Democrat that isn’t really considered a possibility yet. I don’t think the Republicans will be able to run a winning Presidential campaign thanks to the present domination of the party by the lunatic right. Of course 2016 is a long time from now.

I would put odds at

40% chance it’s Clinton
25% chance it’s Christie
25% chance it’s some other Democrat
10% chance it’s some other Republican

My odds:

80% Hillary
15% Biden
4.9999% Some other Democrat
0.0001% any Republican

I heard a great answer to this question from a comedian named Barry Crimmins recently: People don’t move to another country because they are afraid of being subjected to the foreign policy of the US. I’m sorry if thinking about that makes your head hurt.

To the OP, from what we know now, I think Christie loses to Clinton.

To channel Bricker, I’d gladly take a bet with you at 20 to 1 odds that the next president is a Republican.

A lot can happen between now and the election.

Obviously Clinton will defeat Christie.

Which means neither one will even run. Let’s check back in two years, okay?