Who else is awake right now?

I know you’re out there, Eurodopers. I can seeeee you.

Hey! I’m not (technically) european.

You’re not technically European? What are you then, a faux European?

I hope this fares better than my “Who is asleep right now?” thread. What a flop that was.

I’m technically, practically, aesthetically, ethically, and magically European, and I am indeed awake.

Not European, but definitely awake. It’s nearly 2pm, so I would be a bit of a sloth if I were still asleep!

There are those of us who lurk in the night y’know.

Well, I’m awake. And I’m not happy about it as it’s 3:54 am here in CA. I’ve been waking up about 3:30 or so for the last several days.

I knew you were out there!

I think we’re going to have some rain. I look forward to it.

Me! Me! Me!

I’m definitely awake…it’s midday and that means it’s nearly lunchtime. See? It doesn’t take much to raise the levels of excitement here.

Awake, after a late lunch it is time for a nap.

Um. I’m awake.
Now, that is.

Well, I’m at the office. Not sure whether that counts as ‘awake’, ‘asleep’, ‘comatose’, ‘living dead’ or ‘spiritually dead’. Anyway, in five and a half hours I will be truly awake. In the meantime, solitaire and the SDMB beckon.

Is it one of those days where everything is going really slowly?

Since it’s summer and I’m a teacher, my time is, in theory, my own. I have summer classes with some of my little kids, but that’s over by 11.30. Then I worked on a grant proposal for awhile. Now…nothing.

Maybe my Harry Potter book arrived today. That would be nice.

For the first time since April we are having more than two consecutive days of sunshine!

Which means I get to play some perpetually rained-off sports matches at last! Some of these have been washed-out every week since May.

So it’s a tennis match tonight vs. Henley-in-Arden, and then my second-ever cricket game tomorrow night vs. Leek Wooton. I’m stocking up on jelly beans!

It’s taken a while, but there’s nothing better than an English summer’s evening!

(Shame it’s only 12.15pm!)

We’re having oppositical weather. For the first time since…June, anyway, it’s not hideously hot. Last Tuesday (not yesterday) was the hottest day on record in Bulgaria, ever. I don’t know exactly how hot it was, but I’ll tell you this much: it was hot.


Not quite, it’s one of those days where someone’s sent me a document that should be in several parts but isn’t so I’ve had to spend all morning sorting it out and processing it before printing so my line manager doesn’t have to read it off the screen.

It’s better than some of the jobs she punts my way, I can tell you.

I’m an English teacher. That’s why my vocabulary is so incredulous.

Nicole Richie is pregnant! Yikes.