Who farted?

Alright. . . who did it?

I know it was YOU


“Verily I say unto you that he who hath doth smelt it must have delt it.” -Jesus

Of course they couldn’t spell things correctly back then.

It was my dog. Honest. :wink:

It may just be that you’re smelling the smelt. They could be old.

Sorry, man.
It was the ice cream. It always does that to me. Or maybe the beans I had with dinner.
I won’t do it again.

With a smell that foul, a doctor might be in order. . . :rolleyes:

<points to his ex-housemate’s great dane> BAAAAAsil did it. cough cough

Indeed, I need a nose transplant here!!

All right, who stepped on the duck?

::gags, chokes, runs vomiting into the night::

I farted. You see, holding it in was hurting my intestines. And frankly, I would rather my intestines not hurt than you smell my fart.

Y’all are being silly. It doesn’t smell that bad.
: backs out of room with one hand over nose and spraying Lysol with the other. :

He who said the rhyme, did the crime :wink: .

Are you saying the Jesus farted?
You are so going to hell.

It wasn’t a fart. My chair just makes that noice sometimes. See? :wiggles around in chair to demonstrate farting noice:

The smell in here caused me to misspell “noise.”

Anybody in here a true gourmet?

You should be able to smell the fart and identify what the person had for dinner last night.

In this case, I think it was fried skunk and kimchi… :eek:

True gourmet reporting. sniffs hmmm…you are right, and not only that, the skunk was fed on fried bean. Holds nose and runs

You denied it, you supplied it.

My father, who was somewhat notorious in this department, was fond of observing:

Keep it in and bear the pain, let it out and bear the shame.

I take after him, apparently.