Who Has The Longest Active Dope Membership?

As I seem to be asking questions which were answered long ago, let me not ruin my streak and ask this one?:slight_smile:

Not talking about the number of posts, but the year they joined and are active now.



Looks like that’d be Ed Zotti.

Lynn Bodoni’s got a lower member number, but somehow her join date is later. :confused:

Well, I really wouldn’t count Ed, sorry.

Nothing against the man personally, but I was very disappointed to learn that no “Cecil” exists and it’s really Ed answering all those questions.



Ok, how about Monty?

Works for me, but I would have thought Opal Cat (without looking it up, of course).


Where do you find the member number?

I’d bet it’s a charter member thing.

Mouseover the username in a post, it should show up down in the lower left corner of your screen.

I didn’t realize it before, but my user number seems to be 89

IIRC it’s Dragon/Gusnspot–I think he was the first poster to join after they set up the mods/admins.

Your wish is our command.

Monty (14) is the oldest non mod/admin to have joined.
GusNSpot was 33
OpalCat was 36


I feel really insignificant


Meanwhile, Jean Valjean’s number is wasted on someone who only ever made one post.

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Not saying I don’t believe you, the evidence seems to be there. But the curtain has never seemed to be pulled back directly on SDMB. Ed has never come out and said “I’m Cecil” (or vice versa).

Heck, maybe I’m Cecil, you’ve never seen us together, have you?

My post is probably buried in some thread somewhere, sorry - can’t help you. I just remember writing how disappointed I was that there’s no real “Cecil” when someone told me it was Ed.

However, this might get you started.

If anyone does remember my post, please link us?



There’s a number of us who have been here since the board was founded. Prior to that, there use to be the AOL forum. OpalCat was a regular member there as well and is probably the longest active member overall.

I know I was a lurker before I joined, but I do know that I did not read the dope when I was on AOHell. I probably found it while looking for some other information.

I joined in '99 under a different username but left when fees started to be charged as I was a poor student (who could still have afforded the fees but hey…).

Wish I’d paid the fees now…

Naah, she isn’t the longest-timer. But she is third.

Of course. :wink: