Who has the smallest full-grown cat?

Our smallest is about ten pounds and stands about eleven inches high at the shoulder.

Our Fiona is also 11 inches, and weighs in at about 11 pounds.

Still, she can take on Tigger (14 inches, about 17 pounds) and win. Feisty little cat!

Our Moogle is 9 pounds, and he just had his 2nd birthday. Despite his size, he can still win fights against Vincent, our 19.5 pound heavyweight.

My cat Starlet is about 6 pounds (per last visit to the vet). Full grown, perfectly healthy, just small.

Batcat was a healthy 6 lbs, 2 ounces this morning. No idea of shoulder height – I never thought to measure until just now, and she is currently hiding, in Super-Pout-mode about her latest visit to the horrible, terrible, mean, evil, stinky, pokey vet. She has the long, lean, siamese-ish body type.

Roxie, our Persian mix, weighed a bit over 5 pounds at her last trip to the vet. She lost some of it having the matted hair cut off of her.

Our Emily, at age 12, is the same healthy 6-1/2 pounds she’s been since we adopted her eleven years ago. Tiny in body, but large in character and bossiness!

Not sure how tall Rachel is, but she is usually around 5.8 lbs when we take her to the vet. She’s hyperthyroid and kind of old, so she’s bonier than she should be. Didn’t do a thing to her voice, though, because she won’t shut the hell up an hour before feeding time.

Since this is basically a poll, I’ll move it to In My Humble Opinion for you.

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My Willow is five or six pounds. She’s a very small cat, though she looks bigger because she has a lot of fur. She’s perfectly healthy and has never been sick, just tiny.

You can;t have a kitty thread without kitty pix. :frowning: Myri and Caddie are both too big to be a contender for smallest cat, at about 8 - 10 pounds.

Are ages necessary for this? Does a 1 year old cat have any more growth left in it? (Just curious, cause I don’t know that much about cats, but what point is full grown?)

Right chaps, you know the rules for kitty threads, don’t you?Where are the pics?

Our Phoebe is six years old and weighs just over 4 pounds. We think she was the runt of the litter.

I used to have a cat like that. She was indeed the runt of the litter and didn’t weigh more than 4 or 5 pounds. But when she would go out hunting, it was like somebody put 16 pounds of tomcat in a 4 pound calico.

I don’t know what my Molly weighs, but she’s pretty small and delicate-looking. I’ll try to get on the scale while holding her later, as that’s the only way I’ll find out.

Satin is about six pounds (and 17 years old – still in reasonably good health except for getting subcutaneous fluids to treat early stages of kidney disease).

For the longest time Bitey wouldn’t gain over four pounds. She was an orphaned kitten so I actually bottle-raised her. I remember being frustrated because although she took to the litter box at exactly four weeks, she wouldn’t touch solid food until she was 12 weeks, and had iffy eating habits until this past year or so. I’m not at all surprised that she’s turned out as small as she is.

We’ve managed to fatten her up a bit to a whopping five pounds a change. Actually she is at the food bowl right now looking expectant.

Sorry for the crappy picture, but I give you Cosmo.

She’s the black and white one, obviously.

The orange cat (Tuffy) was about 11 pounds.

I have no idea how tall my cat is, but she weighs about 6 1/2 pounds. It’s so weird to me that she is so tiny, because the cats I had as a kid were huge male cats…probably 15-18 pounds. I never even knew cats came as small as 6-7 pounds! And she isn’t skinny at all…just very petite.