Who is a bigger pain in the butt in a relationship the man or the woman?

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Generally speaking, women are considered more “complicated” than men.

Men are generally more “apathetic” in relationships that womens.

Having stated that, feel free to disagree add things, subtract things or whatever.

So, who is a bigger pain in the butt in relationships, men or women (generally speaking, of course) ?

It is in the man’s best interest to assume that he is the bigger pain in the butt, regardless of his own POV in this matter…

Trust me on this. :wink:

The other person.

Speaking as a woman, it’s clearly ALWAYS the man’s fault. Ergo, he is the bigger pain.

YMMV. :slight_smile:

“Where do you see us five years from now?”

Case closed.

Speaking as a woman, it’s always the WOMAN who is the bigger pain in the butt. Except for me, of course. :stuck_out_tongue: But honestly, runner pat nailed it in one - it’s always the other one.

It’s not always the other person. Usually one person is a bigger pain in the butt than the other, but I’ve seen equal representation amongst couples. In the case of my girlfriend and I, we’re both pretty damn annoying at times.

Let X represent women and Y represent men and W will represent the state of wrongness.

If X + Y, then Y will always be W.

If X + X, then whichever X is not using this formula is W.

If X + Y + X, then both Y and the secondary X are W.

If Y + Y, then neither are W until observed by X.


Only a bisexual person can answer that, seeing as they’ve more than likely had relationships with men and with women.
Anyone who’s only ever had relationships with one gender has a skewed perception, surely.

Good point. Joking aside, I’ve never found either gender to have a lead on the other as far as being pains in the ass. Men can be just as clingy and controlling as the most stereotypical woman; women can be as apathetic and thoughtless as a sitcom husband. There might be tendencies towards certain behaviors, which end up being more common in one gender than the other, but it all comes down to how two personalities interact.

But usually it’s the woman’s fault.

[points randomly]

HIM! It’s HIS fault!

Moved to IMHO, with a vote for “it’s a tie.”

We must first seal X and Y in a box with a sample of an unstable isotope.
Who am I kidding. X and Y in a box is about as unstable as it gets, the isotope is redundant.

And I pity the fool opening the box to collapse the quantum wave function.

Usually IMO, women are bigger pains the butt. Men get upset over actions, but women just as often get upset over INaction. “You don’t do this, you don’t do that.” Women get upset over perceived slights and the way they had expected things to be. And the men will not be informed as to what these perceived slights and expections actually are, they’re just expected to know already.

For a variety or social and biological reasons women are generally wired to monitor relationships more closely than men. Women are typically more involved in maintaining, assessing (and obsessing over the state of) the relationship, so they will generally come off as bigger pains. This is not to say men universally behave well in relationships, but being “a pain” generally denotes an active level of engagement.

A woman once slapped me (on the arm, playfully but still firmly) because the guy she wanted to slap was out of reach. :smiley:

Several women over the years have gotten mad at me for things I did in their dreams.

It has been my experience (both my own and over many friends) that females are more prone to physical violence and general abuse than males. The problem is that males are not generally allowed to retaliate unless they want law enforcement to be called. I have been bitten, kicked, punched, and bitch slapped by a few females. Keep in mind that these are females from top colleges. Most females adore me and they consist of most of my friends. I have always treated them like gold.

However, their is a large group of unstable females out there that are simply dangerous to put it nicely. It simply is not safe to trust them and you can only counter their strikes defensively unless you want to end up in jail. I am trying to train my young daughters to treat males with respect and it seems to be working well.

I’m reminded of the saying:

The proper time to wait after the question “does this make me look fat?” is 1.7 seconds followed by a simple ‘no’ and nothing else.