Who is Bow-Tie Man? An Historical missing link.

It all started recently when I went to apply for Social Security (Yes, I’m that old). Bow-Tie man is what they call a man who appears in the original picture of FDR signing the Social Security act into law in 1935. No one’s figured out his identity yet, tho they have some clues. Check at this site for further information. Also check the links at that site.

If you happen to discover his identity, you not only be fighting ignorance (as we are all wont to do), but you’ll also the SSA’s


Just outta curiousity, how come they really need to know who the guy is? Did he commit a crime? If not, why would he not have turned himself in by now?

Unfortunately, he probably wasn’t alive back then, but I jumped when I saw the thread title because “Bow-Tie Man” was the nickname for an English teacher at my high school.

The real Bow-Tie Man looks kinda creepy.

Easy! That’s Mr. Slugworth. He was there to offer Roosevelt an Everlasting Gobstopper.

By God, it’s Great Uncle Fred!

Bow Tie Man? What does Paul Simon have to do with this? Did he time travel again???

That’s what I thought too, but Fred was a bit heavier and had a mop on top.

He’s the same guy who was holding the umbrella in the Zapruder film. :smiley:

He’s the WTC tourist’s grandfather.

and i swore i saw him recently as the Pentagon spokesperson :wink:

Pft! Isn’t it a little obvious? Colonel Sanders. He’s just there to offer FDR some finger lickin’ good KFC for when he’s done signing. Wouldn’t want grease all over now would we?

I’m pretty sure that his name is Forrest Gump. And i’m reasonably sure that it’s not paul simon. liked his records, tho!

It’s Waldo!

Isn’t Tucker Carlson (Crossfire) Bow Tie Boy? Maybe they are related?

In 1978, Louie Steven Witt, “The Umbrella Man”, came forward to testify to the Church Committee investigating the Kennedy Assassination:


I think I discovered who Bow-Tie Man is: Rep. Joshua Twing Brooks (R-Penn.), who served on the House Ways & Means Committee that oversaw the Social Security Act in 1935.

I have a photograph of Brooks published in 1932 that looks very much like Bow-Tie Man. Where can I quickly post it on the Web, next to a copy of Bow-Tie Man’s photo, so you fellow SDopers can give your opinion?

Looks like Leonard Zelig to me.

“Everybody dance chameleon”

Walloon: E-mail it to me. I’ll throw it on my Website and post a link. My e-mail is accessible by the button at the bottom of this post.

Leave it to the Straight Dope Irregulars to solve in less than a week a mystery that’s clearly been bugging this Large Government Agency for a very long time.

Next stop, the “Lockbox.” :wink:

I don’t think this man is wearing a Gaberdine suit however.