Who is it not rude for me to text?

If I have someone’s cell phone number, (and they know and intend for me to have it,) and I have information for them that would be most efficiently shared by text rather than by a phone conversation, does that in itself constitute grounds for texting?

Or does there necessarily need to be some level of familiarity and/or explicit permission involved first?

I’m not much of a texter if I can avoid it, but I don’t see why this would be rude. It seems like it would be more casual and impersonal to text than to call.

Nowadays, if you have their number and they have yours, it is probably OK to text. But if you know or think this person is not technically savvy/doesn’t use their phone much I would not text them. They might not know how or they might not have texting on their phone plan and you would be costing them money. But many people these days, adults included, know how to text and have texts on their phone plans.

At work I always agree upfront if I’m going to text a client.

When we send encrypted documents via email we have to use a different medium to send the password… it’s a pain to read out over the phone (they can be long pseudo-random strings), so it’s easier to put it in a text message to their mobile.

But I’ll always email or call first and make sure they are expecting it, and I’ll sign-off my texts formally with my name and company.

It’s a judgement call. I wouldn’t text my aunt out of the blue, but if I just meet someone under the age of 30 and get their number, a text is fine. FTR, I don’t have a texting plan, so every time one of my friends sends me a pointless text, it’s 15 cents. Sometimes I get irritated if they start sending me a lot of them for no reason.

I do not have a text plan and deliberately tell people NOT to text me without permission. I had an aquaintance who ignored that and would text me, and send me pictures so I had to tell her to stop contacting me entirely and made her delete my number from her phone. She would also call at 2 in the morning, or while I was at work … seriously no boundries at all.

Unlimited texting is split about 50/50 among my friends. I don’t have it. If you send me a text, it’s going to cost me $0.20, and another $0.20 for me to respond. If I get a single text, I’m not going to worry about it. If you start trying to hold a conversation with me, call already and talk to me.

So my answer is, I don’t text people if I don’t know their texting preferences.

That is exactly my position.

I don’t text and don’t have text on my cell phone plan, so every time I got some text, I would have to pay extra.
Simply called T-Mobile and had them block all text messages to my number.
Haven’t gotten a text message since, and quite happy about it.

Man, it’s gonna be a rough transition for me when I go from a country where talking is crazy expensive to one where texting is.

I’m also gonna need to remember not to bow to the dude at 7-11.

Remember, he may have just come from the same country you did.

We don’t pay for incoming texts here so that wouldn’t be an issue. I couldn’t imagine it being rude to text someone, I’d be more interested in whether they use the fuction or not. I have disabled my voice message service for example because it’s tendious - I’ll see you called and call back, so I’ll ask people if they listen to their messages, or whether they like texting or not.

I find it odd that you get charged for a text if you never read it. None of my phones work that way, but, then again, I always use prepay.

Also, how much extra does a single text cost that it would cost you less to talk over the phone? The highest one has ever cost me is $.05.

Depends on how your plan is set up. I have the very smallest text package (which I only have because my husband insists on me having it, I think we might as well push that money down the garbage disposal), so texts within my limit are a nickel or a dime each. Other packages cost a lot less per text. Texts over the limit are something like a quarter each.

Our talk time, otoh, is about $.10/minute from 7am-7pm M-F and totally free the rest of the time. So for the majority of the time, it’s cheaper for me if you just hold the phone to your ear and tell me, already.

As for the etiquette thing, if it’s actual useful information that is easier to read than listen to and write down, go ahead. But if you just want to natter about nothing in particular, call if you know me well enough to call and chat. But if you don’t know me well enough to call and chat, don’t waste both our time and money texting me trivial crap.