who is my mommy? sw

i’m a bit mystified.

after 6 sw movies, numerous eu media, luke and leia never ask, say, mention, who was mom?

both seem rather fixated on dad. sure, finding out darth vader is your father is rather unsettling… could have you needing a bit of therapy. except for one brief bit you never think, hey obi, how could darth have had kids wearing THAT suit?

while talking to obi wan from beyond you never say… hey wait a minute, how did vader have a kid? clone? test tube?

sure the 3 people who were there when l&l are born are dead, but 2 of them ARE talking from beyond.

where are the “we have relatives on naboo” books?

will we see yet another rewrite on ep. 6 were vader gasps out “pad…me” before becoming one with the force?

now that i’m thinking about it there is a rather unusual suit design in “that” area…

I am by no means a Star Wars person, but I think there was mention of their mother in the first movie, no?

Don’t ask me about intergalactic sex–I have enough trouble with Earth sex…

In RETURN OF THE JEDI, when Luke tells Leia that they are brother and sister, he asks whether she remembers their mother. Leia gets kind of nostalgic/teary and says that she died when Leia was young, but she remembers her as very quiet and very sad. (I’m paraphrasing, my memory ain’t what it was.) That was a very touching moment, when we thought that was their biological mother who had married Annakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader.

Now, of course, at the end of REVENGE OF THE SITH, we learn that their biological mother Padme died in childbirth. So, Leia presumably wasn’t talking about their biological mother who had seen Darth Vader destroy Annakin and was thus sald and quiet, she was talking about her adopted mother who was nothing to Luke. Thus, Lucas totally destroyed the emotion in the prior RotJ. Damn his revisionism, anyhow.

Gotta disagree with you, Dex.

It RotJ, Luke says “Tell me about your mother. Your real mother.”

Leia then gets all misty-eyed and says what she says.

I believe that she was talking about her biological mother, Padme. Even though Padme died when Leia was a few seconds old. Yes, it’s weird, but I figured that Leia’s abilities with The Force gave the ability to remember images of her mom from when she (Leia) was a baby. That, or Lucas just leaves big plot holes out there.

that was the brief bit i mentioned. i could go with leia talking about padme, she did mention just feelings and images. nothing very concrete, like… “oh yeah, now that you mention it she would go on and on about this place, nado… nahoo… something like that.”

from what i understand the eu goes into the neighbourhood of 20-30 years after sw. in all those years there is only a brief bit of mom discussion?

after watching tpm, aotc, and rots, no mention of padme in sw, tesb, and rotj. is very glaring.

anakin turning to the dark side was a big deal. padme was one of the people who sparked the rebellion. she was a major leader. they just drop her like a disney mom.

Kinda a hijack, kinda relevant- last week, a friend who had just seen ROTS suggested the perhaps Palpatine hadn’t lied about Anakin killing Padme- that his choking her & tossing her aside perhaps left some internal damage (Force-enhanced even) which caused her sudden labour & then death. I hadn’t thought about that. Any comments?

In the EU books, Luke will bring it up every now and then, but Leia gets very angry-she really doesn’t want to find out who her REAL mother was. It seems she still has issues with the idea that her mother would have married someone like Vader (even though he wasn’t Vader at the time), and that she was abandoned.

In one series, Luke goes on a hunt for a lead…and it turns out to be a false one.

But, now that the prequels are done, they’ll probably have a new novel where they find out about Padme. There are going to be some post-NJO books in the future.

I vote for option #2 in that spoiler. The first option is just hand-waving.

Maybe, but I think the doctor who was attending Padme said something to the effect of “There’s no illness or damage, but she’s dying; she’s lost the will to live.” Technically, Anakin did still kill Padme, in a sense - he betrayed her so deeply that she no longer wished to live.

I don’t think so. There are alot of problems with the Star War films but that scene always made perfect sense too me. Luke asks Leia about their mother right after they discuss her being strong in the force, Leia only says she has feelings and images of her, even before sith i always took that to mean that yes, she did have power with the force not that she spent time with her mother.

Yes, but her words don’t describe the Padme that we see… we never see a Padme who is sad and silent.

I agree, it’s basically a hole. I’m sure it will be plugged in the next revision. “No, Luke, I don’t remember my real mother, but my adopted mother always looked at me funny when I tried wierd hairdos as a child.”


Before TPM there was nothing to assume that she wasn’t speaking the truth.

Now, it’s just a huge glaring continuity error. Luke is so powerful that Vader and the Emperor can sense and chase him across galaxies. Leia isn’t even felt. All of a sudden we’re being told that she has just as much, if not more, “force power” than Luke?

And what sort of whiny bint, giving birth to two children, all of a sudden decides that she has nothing to live for? What about your kids, lady??!? :smack:

padme sure does explain the weird hair styles. now, just think of what han could do when he sees pictures of padme and her wild hair styles.

i figured padme’s death was due to a mental break caused by anakin’s turning on her. obi-wan tried the live for the kids route.

she wouldn’t have had long to live though. one of palp.'s assas. attempts would have been successfull at some point.

guinastasia, i have read some of the eu books. none of the ones i’ve read so far have any discussion of mom. i would have thought leia would have less birth parent angst due to growing up with the organa’s. bail seemed to be a very involved dad from what i’ve read.

I see in ROTS a re-telling of the Miriel/Finwë story, after Miriel gave birth to Fëanor. Too much of her spirit was consumed in the birthing of her powerful child, and Miriel was unable, not unwilling, to remain incarnate.

Of course, I see everything in terms of JRRT’s stuff, so it could just be me. :wink:

It’s more than that, remember that Vader has her prisoner on the death star and tries to interrogate her and she is able to resist… and he doesn’t sense the force is powerful in her?

Presumably, the force being strong is only apparent after some training – thus, Vader can sense the force is strong in Luke only after Obi-wan has done some training.

Did you read the Black Fleet Crisis trilogy?

I’m not buying any explanations given. The Padme/Leia connection is a HUGE freaking hole.

First among these discrepencies is the fact that she’s considered a PRINCESS. Don’t even get me started on elected Queens, but the fact that she was a princess while her adopted parents were mere Senators, should have attracted some attention…

nope, haven’t read those. i’ll give it a look next time i’m in a bookstore (monday of course!).

Wow, I really don’t understand the nitpicking over that one scene. It’s not even important to the plot at all, it’s just a random question Luke asks to segue into talking about his family. Sure it’s not exactly consistant but it’s pretty ridiculous to call it a major plot hole.

It does put a whole new spin on the scene though. Leia says her mother died when she was very young, which we now know was about a few seconds after she was born. Leia does briefly “meet” Padme, even Padme just names her then dies. Certainly it’s not that big a stretch that if the baby is a force-sensitive super-baby, she could feel that Padme was very sad (in fact dying of sadness). Of course Leia was just a baby so she can only remember “images, really, feelings.”

And Leia is considered a princess just like Padme was a princess. It’s just a figurehead position specific to that planet. To the republic a.k.a. empire she was just another senator. But by then the senate had just been dissolved.

I always thought she got that title from her adopted parents. Weren’t they the rulers of Alderaan, too?