Who is the poster who lives the furthest from other people?

Who is the doper who lives the farthest away from any other (human) person? People who live WITH you don’t count, obviously. I’m talking about how far away your closest neighbor (or people-building, like a store, etc) is.

Anyone have a home way out in the woods, miles from the nearest neighbor?
Me, I doubt I’ll hold the record very long. I live in an apartment, so the person living nearest to me is right next door, about twenty feet away.
But since I’m the only one who has posted in this thread so far, I’m winning.

ETA: Saying “[Poster A] lives [place]” isn’t allowed…I’m looking for the poster farthest from others who actually posts in this topic.

Didn’t we have a poster in Antarctica?

If so, that’s cool, but they have to post in this thread for it to count. ; p

The nearest house is a couple meters from mine. Nothing special, but for the purposes of this thread I now hold the trophy until someone else comes along. :wink:

And yes, I think there was an Antartican poster around here, too.

Nearest to me is about 1/4 mile.

Same here. We’re one of two houses on a dead end road.

Nearest REAL small (a little bit more than a 7-11) grocery is 5 miles away in a town of about 400 people. The ‘store’ and gas stations are about 15 miles away. And by most standards, it’s a real small store too.

I see what you did there. :slight_smile:

The reading comprehension; it is not strong in this one. :wink:

fifty-six, but being a cook at Palmer Station he’s far away from most of the world but still closer to people whose nearest neighbor is a half mile down the gravel road.

It’s weird how similar to us that is. 5 miles away is a town of 350, 12 miles is a town of about 3500, with a real grocery store and a farm/hardware store.

We have two neighbors 1/4 mile away, and if you go the other directions it’s at least a mile. We’re on 25 acres, a smallish lot in this area.

I wish it was me.

I still work in Antarctica and spend half my year there. I work the winters and the usual population is 19-22 or so. A large family I suppose.

The rest of my year is winter in rural Alaska.

Perpetual winter life.