Who is the sexiest man on television?

Self explanatory title. Totally subjective of course: if you think Oliver Platt or Danny Devito is the sexiest man on TV nobody can call you wrong, except for me because mine is the only right answer anyway and the rest are just in contest for second place.

Misha Collins from Supernatural.

There are better bodies (including his Supernatural co-stars) and there are younger and more poster/centerfold worthy bods (Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten come to mind) and more boyishly/devilishly cute (Mark Salling or Harry Shum from Glee) but as far as just “I would drink his bathwater and make the beast with one and or two backs” full package sexiness he’s my pick due to the combo of face, body, voice, talent, obvious intelligence, eyes, etc…

Incidentally, I know the actor is straight, but as I’m not planning to drop in on him at work ala Blaine with GAP guy on GLEE anyway, who cares? For purposes of this thread sexual orientation, age, marital status, personality, how much you have a shot with someone and none of that stuff matters, it’s just strictly who makes your heart flutter when they’re on screen. Who would that be for you?

Uh, I’m a straight male, but I have to say that I would have also said him or Jensen Ackles from the same show.

My sister says it is Mark Pellegrino.

(He was Jacob on Lost)

I don’t feel qualified to comment . . .

FYSI (For Your Sister’s Information): He is currently playing a recurring secondary character on the American version of Being Human on the Syfy channel.

And was on Supernatural for a while. Damn, that show’s batting 1000!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to go with Matt Bomer from White Collar.

Misha Collins is a greatly sexy man, but I’m going to have to give the title to Simon Baker - in character as Patrick Jane, of course (The Mentalist). The man just does things to me no fictional character should be able to do - and part of it is that he’s such an asshole when he’s not being totally awesome. He’s the Nice Guy and the Bad Boy all rolled into one. swoon

Mike Rowe. :smiley: I have a thing for voices, and for guys that can work with their hands. His voice hits me in all the good spots, and he’s just handsome in a way I didn’t appreciate until I got older.*
But he’s got my vote!
*I don’t typically like the conventionally good looking fellas; that has changed somewhat over the years, as I’ve dated some and now similar-looking guys make me look.

Christopher Meloni

Not my type, but an almost objectively beautiful body.

Straight male weighing in, but for my money Joel McHale is the sexiest man on television.

Gabriel Byrne; I have a weakness for older men.:wink:

Jon Cryer from Two And A Half Men. Jon plays half… er Alan.

John Slattery. Silver fox. Rowr.

No offense to your sister, but I can’t look at him without involuntarily making an “eww” face.

Jason Momoa is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen.

I agree. That’s two for Rowe; the rest of you are outvoted!

Three for Rowe!! WOOT!

Speaking of Lost . . .

My vote goes to Nestor Carbonell.

Mike Rowe is certainly up there, but for sheer, "toss me against a wall and have your way with me"ness, it’s Timothy Olyphant. From Seth to Raylan, he just brings it.

I’m not in to older dudes IRL but yeah, rowr indeed. I tend to like him more than Jon Hamm sometimes, but that could be a “while in character” thing.

Oh yeah, Jon Hamm, who gets sexier every time he sends himself up on SNL or 30 Rock.