Who Is the Youngest Person Here Who Would Happily Have Sex With 2016 Sally Field?

No Spoilers for Hello, My Name is Doris
(Boxed Spoilers O.K. if you want to reference the film)
(The PREMISE of this film will addressed in the OP but nothing beyond what is apparent in the trailers. If you haven’t seen the trailers and don’t want to know even so much as the premise then you’ll want to skip this OP.)
Who’s the youngest person here at the SDMB who would happily have sex with Sally Field?
We’re talking about Sally Field as she is today, aged 69 (make of that what you will). No weasel answers like “Well, in her heyday…” You are, however, allowed to say “If I wasn’t married/in a relationship…” Women should also feel free to respond. I want to hear from everyone who would like to have sex with Sally Field.

[In her new film Hello, My Name is Doris, Sally Field plays a woman who becomes romantically involved with a much younger man.]

Because she’s Sally Field, I can totally buy it. When she was nominated for an Academy Award for Lincoln, at the award ceremony she participated in a comedy sketch with host Ricky Gervais in which he was trying to talk her into sneaking off to a supply closet to have sex. I loved the sketch and happily replayed it in my mind substituting myself for Gervais. A few years ago (it may also have been part of a Lincoln promotion), she was a guest on The Colbert Report. She was actively flirting with Colbert and even made a point of reminding him that she was not married. I desperately wanted to be in Colbert’s shoes during that interview.

So, I am voting “Yes”. I would definitely happily have sex with Sally Field.
bienville, age 41

Hi Sally!

I’m 55 and in a long term relationship, but sure.

Could she be talked into wearing her nun’s costume?

“You lick me! You really lick me!”

What’s the prize for the youngest person then, Sally?

Are you asking if I would plow the Field?

She is still awfully cute. I might be persuaded (if I were available).

Oh, we have another person polling in the (so far) youngest age range.
C’mon, Moondoggie, let us know your age. Younger than 41?

I came in to do a “field” pun, but it looks like Skammer has already won for the day.

Sally Field is the antithesis of my “type,” which tends toward the Morticia Addams model. I wouldn’t seek her out even in her “Flying Nun” days.

You would turn down this?!? :dubious:


:o :o :o

I can’t promise that the happiness would be mutual.


I’m 40, and I’ve never really been attracted to anyone really outside a narrow band of my age range, so, no, but I can just about buy the premise.

Sorry, I’m already in a committed relationship with Helen Mirren.

Christie Brinkley (62 and gorgeous) is probably my upper limit.

Shouldn’t the poll have corresponding “I am age _____ and she’s too old for me” in order to gauge what you are looking for? I’m not sure what conclusion you will draw from the current poll.

Sally Field, yes, absolutely.

Some random old woman named Doris who looks like Sally Field? Meh, not so much.

I would have to see her in person and not with movie and tv magic but I’ll give a qualified yes.

I’ve always been turned off by Ms Fields personality. The “you like me” thing was pathetic.

Te Field jokes have been made, but I’d Sally forth! (Me 63.)

This 93-year-old wouldn’t mind having a go at her.

Well, that’s clearly a “glam shot;” the idea was to sex 'er up and reduce the Chipmunk Girl factor.