Who is this Onion News Network "anchorman"?

This guy. :smiley: He’s so damn good!

Brandon Armstrong



Cloning Chris Matthews!

I hadn’t seen him (and the astounding amount of work and budget put into those Onion news clips), because I get my Onion fix with the audio podcasts. Where “Doyle Redlund” is the man. And a neighbor of ours. And a New Yorker cartoonist you may have heard of. But I’ll keep his anonymity (pssst! If you went to an art opening of silverpoint works last weekend, you may have stood right next to him… ).

Oh, come on!


It’s a fictional name, with a fictional Onion bio. I know “Brandon Armstrong” is his character name. It’s on the bottom of the screen in my linked video. I want to know the actor’s name.


Brandon Armstrong (II)

From Get ready for the Radio-TV Correspondents’ Dinner there’s

I have little doubt that the name is fictional, but finding the real name of the actor may pose some problems.

The closest to believable I’ve located (by way of a Yahoo! search on “onion” “brandon armstrong” “real name” – and variations) is http://themedium.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/03/29/theonioncom/ and some person going by “Carey.”

I suspect finding “Carey’s” real name may be just as hard.

Huh. Thanks for the effort. It’s kind of a shame. The guy is really convincing.

Agreed. Wikipedia is no help. There has to be some reliable source, but I haven’t found it. It’s intriguing enough that I may keep trying.