Who is your Star Wars Twin?

Take this personality test to find out what Star Wars(original 3) character you are most like:

Star Wars Personality Test

Here are my scores:

Openess: Yoda (90 percent)
Conscientiousness: Han Solo(17 percent)
Extraversion: Obi Wan Kenobi(31 percent)
Agreeableness: Boba Fett:eek: (22 percent)
Neuroticism: R2D2 (27 percent)

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Openess: Astro Mech Droid (59%)
Conscientiousness: Grand Moff Tarkin (41%)
Extraversion: Obi Wan Kenobi (22% percent)
Agreeableness: Boba Fett (22 %) Screw you 5-HT! :-p
Neuroticism: Chewbacca (43%)

Openness: R2D2 (53%)
Conscientious: Grand Moff Tarkin :eek: (41%)
Extraversion: Wampa (12%)
Agreeableness: Darth Vader :eek: :eek: (44%)
Neuroticism: C-3P0 (66%)

Openness - Wicket (76%)
Conscentious - Han Solo (8%)
Extraversion - Ewoks (42%)
Agreeableness - Qui Gon Jin (74%)
Neuroticism - C3P0 (66%)

Openness: Yoda (80%)
Conscentious: Mon Mothma (69%)
Extraversion: Wampas (15%)
Agreeableness: Emperor Palpatine (4%) [!!!]
Neuroticism: Tuscan Warrior (87%)

To sum up: I am wise and philosophical, and also have great integrity organizational talent. Furthermore, I am very reclusive and shy, yet also power hungry and manipulative. To top it off, I’m rather unpredictable, moody, and excitable.

I’m reluctant to say that this is pretty accurate.

Openness: Yoda (90%)
Conscientious: Han Solo (13%)
Extraversion: Ben Kenobi (37%)
Agreeableness: Qui-Gon Jinn (69%)
Neuroticism: Chewbacca (55%)

Which means that, apparently, I am also wise and philosophical, and sympathetic, but tend to be disorganized, generally avoid people, and am sort of excitable but not overly so.

(Three Jedi Masters…strong in the Force, I am… :D)

Openess: Yoda (90%)
Conscientious: Han Solo (10%)
Extraversion: Wampa (5%)
Agreeableness: Qui-Gon Jin (69%)
Neuroticism: R2-D2 (37%)

Katisha, were we separated at birth?

Openness: Astro Mech Droids (53%)
Conscientious: Mon Mothma (74%)
Extraversion: Ewoks (42%)
Agreeableness: Boba Fett (32%) :eek:
Neuroticism: Princess Leia (11%)

Openness: Yoda (88%)
Conscientious: Grand Moff Tarkin (52%)
Extraversion: Wampa (15%)
Agreeableness: Palpatine (0%) I’m not kidding.
Neuroticism: Tuscan Warrior (93%)

Sadly, somewhat accurate. Yoda and Palpatine?
Daoloth, how well do you know your family history?

::shrugs:: Grandfather was adopted. :slight_smile:

Openness: Yoda (84%)
Conscientious: Admiral Akbar (83%)
Extraversion: “Old Ben” Kenobi (31%)
Agreeableness: Qui-Gon Jinn (69%)
Neuroticism: Princess Leia (14%)

But what does it all mean?

Openness: Yoda (84%)
Conscientious: Grand Moff Tarkin (41%)
Extraversion: “Old Ben” Kenobi (22%)
Agreeableness: Qui-Gon Jinn (69%)
Neuroticism: Princess Leia (14%)

looks at KinSaba’s scores

I believe it means, KinSaba, that the Clone Wars have begun.

Openness: Yoda (88%)
Conscientious: Han Solo (6%) (I’m perfectly happy with this)
Extraversion: Ewoks (48%) (Ewoks? WTF?)
Agreeableness: Palpatine (4%) (Err…oh well.)
Neuroticism: R2D2 (27%)

Openness - Yoda (very high = original, creative, curious, complex)
Conscientiousnous - Mon Mothma (high = reliable, well-organized, self-disciplined, careful)
Extraversion - “Old” Ben Kenobi (low = introverted, reserved, inhibited, quiet)
Agreeableness - Emperor Palpatine (low = critical, rude, harsh, callous)
Neurotisism - Tuscan warrior (very high = nervous, high-strung, insecure, worrying)

Is it just me, or are some of those contradictory?

Damn how did you beat me? I had a 1%, I guess you’re the 1 below me! I don’t think this test is all that great, maybe half is me. Than again is is kinda me.

Openness: Yoda (95%)
Conscientious: Han Solo (13%)
Extraversion: Wampas (18%)
Agreeableness: Boba Fett (38%)
Neuroticism: Tuscan warriors (96%)

So what does this mean? I’m wise, philosophical, thoughtful, discheveled, scruffy, reckless, haphazard, little respect for rules & procedures, reclusive, shy, solitary, mean, menacing & ruthless, unpredictable, temperamental, excitable, and especially moody?

We-ell, I suppose it’s reasonably accurate. Although I doubt anyone I know would rate me as mean, menacing or ruthless.

Out of curiosity, I rated my sister as well–she came out as follows:

Openness: Yoda (95%)
Conscientious: Mon Mothma (74%)
Extraversion: Ewoks (59%)
Agreeableness: Qui-Gon Jinn (69%)
Neurotocism: Chewbacca (60%)

Which makes her wise, philosophical, thoughtful, with great integrity, responsible, organized, shy timid & reclusive on one hand yet sociable on the other hand, loyal, sensitive, sympathetic, strong & fearless yet excitable and easily upset.

I think that describes her pretty accurately.

Now comes the interesting part of this. She’s taking the test right this moment, and I’m curious to see how her results compare with mine.

Okay–here’s the results.

She rated me:
Openness: Yoda (93%)
Conscientious: Admiral Ozzel (35%) --she says I’m very easily distracted, which I am :stuck_out_tongue:
Extraversion: Old Ben Kenobi (37%)
Agreeableness: Qui-Gon Jinn (74%)
Neurotocism: Tuscan warrior (88%)

She rated herself:
Openness: Wicket (76%)
Conscientious: Mon Mothma (47%)
Extraversion: Ewok (42%)
Agreeableness: Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker (58%)
Neuroticism: Tuscan Warrior (87%)

So we each rated ourselves lower than the other rated us, but I rated her more highly than she rated me. I tend to feel that my assessment of her is a little more accurate than hers was, so perhaps her assessment of me is a little more accurate than my own.

Who knows–it was an entertaining diversion, anyway!

So… Daoloth, Widdershins, Michael Ellis, tavalla can join Mr. Kitty and I over here, where we’re plotting to take over the world. :smiley:

Openness: Yoda (both at 84%)
Conscientious: Admiral Ackbar (me, 92%; Mr. Kitty, 95%)
Extraversion: Obi Wan (me, 27%; him, 22%)
Agreeableness: Palpatine (me, 4%; him, 2%)
Neuroticism: Princess Leia (me, 18%; him, 9%)

::snicker:: I love it!!!


Mmmm. Always wanted to be part of a wicked cabal bent on taking over the world.

How did I score a 0% on agreeableness?

I answered the questions honestly. Ask people who know me in RL.

What?! You got a problem with that?! :wink:


Mmmm…wicked cabal…cabal-licious…

The question is, though, if you have a bunch of us who scored so low on agreeableness, how the hell are we going to be able to cooperate long enough to take over the world?

It’ll all end in tears…or in one of us being thrown down a bottomless duct.

KeithT says:

::Looks at KeithT’s scores::

Don’t start the revolution without me!