Who moderates what?

I’m trying to figure out who’s the moderator for Cafe Society, and it took me looking through the forum’s FAQ thread, and then the other FAQ threads in ATMB, and then looking for a stickied thread in ATMB, until I realized that they were listed allllllllllllllllll the way at the bottom of the page in the Cafe Society contents.

If I may suggest, it could be helpful to:

1.) Include a list of each sub-forum’s moderators in the first post of its FAQ thread; or
2.) In said post, tell people where to look to find those moderators; or
3.) Maintain a stickied list of all moderators and what they moderate in ATMB;
4.) Move the list of moderators to the top of the thread list instead of the bottom.

From the main page, click on ‘Forum Leaders’ at the bottom of the fora listing. It will take you to a list of which moderator moderates which forum.
ETA: There is also a listing of the moderators for each forum at the bottom of the thread listings in each forum.

The main reason we don’t have the moderator list in multiple places (like FAQ threads) is that it would be redundant data that we’d almost certainly forget to update. Moderators do change assignments as we have more or less time available or as the cushy assignments open up.

The automatic lists at the bottom of every index page and the main Forum Leaders list are maintained automatically by VBulletin and we don’t have to worry about them becoming out-of-date.

Which makes sense–the problem is that it’s not in an obvious place that one would look, if one isn’t familiar with VBulletin. So including something in the FAQ thread(s) that tells you where to look could be very useful.

It’s already there.

In the thread called “FAQ - Technical issues for Posting” in ATMB (currently the top sticky in the forum), the 15th item (“Contacting the staff directly”), which was added by Twix about six weeks ago, reads as follows:

Note the final two paragraphs.

There you go, then. I didn’t think to look in the Technical Issues FAQ, because I wasn’t having, well, a *technical *issue–just a question about if and where to post a thread.

If in doubt, just email any mod and they’ll be glad to help you figure that out. Or, just post it in one that seems reasonable: if the mods disagree, they’ll move it, no bother.

Look at the forum leaders page: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showgroups.php

You can find a link to that page on the main Straight Dope forum page: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/index.php

If you look towards the bottom of every INDIVIDUAL forum page you will find a list of the moderators for that forum in the blue band.

These are all things that *you have to know how VBulletin works *to look for, is what I’m saying. Whereas *anyone *can (and should) check an FAQ thread for a forum: that’s universal, regardless of platform. So having a line in there that says, “To find out who moderates this forum, check the Forum Leaders list or the bottom of any index page for the specific forum” would, I think, be useful.

And Dex, it wasn’t just a question of *where *to post something, it was whether or not I should post it at all.

Anyone who is truly confused could open a thread, could ask a question. Which would be swiftly answered.

I don’t understand what you’re asking for, Shot From Guns. As I pointed out yesterday, it’s already in the FAQs. Where else do you want it?

It’s in a, single, FAQ, for *technical *questions. IMO, who moderates a forum is not a *technical *question.

But if you guys aren’t constantly swamped with questions as to who moderates what, then I guess it’s a moot point. :shrug: Just a suggestion to make the info easier to find so people don’t have to hunt around for it in places that are only obvious if you’re familiar with this style of board.

First time I can recall it ever being asked. I think most people who are interested look around on the forum pages and find it pretty readily.

You’re not familiar with it after six years and 7,000 posts here? :wink:

Quiet, you! :smiley: (To be fair, most of those six years were inactive. Although then that points out how condensed a period of time the 7k posts were made during…)