Who Originally Said It Best When They Said Nothing At All?

Skulldigger and I got into a discussion today, and couldn’t figure out the answer – and Google is no help on this one.

The song “You Say It Best (When You Say Nothing At All)” was a hit for Allison Krauss and was also recorded by Ronan Keating. But she and I both distinctly recall a male country singer having released this song either before or simultaneously with Allison, and nobody seems to have any listing of who it was.

Does anyone happen to recall the identity of that male country singer, and what album it was on?

Keith Whitley

LP- Don’t Close Your Eyes

Kieth Whitley (Don’t Close Your Eyes) 1988, RCA 6494 ?

It appears that only Whitley and Paul Overstreet, himself, have covered the song besides Ms. Krauss: http://www003.upp.so-net.ne.jp/fusa/songsdb/songs_w.html#whenyou

As Mr. Blue Sky said, Keith Whitley, originally on Don’t Close Your Eyes.