Who paid for my subscription?

Way back last year when my guest membership was running out, I made a post saying I’d be back once I found some way to pay for a sub. But then someone paid for mine anonymously. I’ve been curious as of late as to who it is. After all, I don’t want to unknowingly accuse them of being a poopyhead in a heated debate. I know they did it anonymously for a reason, but if they’re not too insistent on anonymity could they come forward? Please?

My email is in my profile :smiley:

Not me.

If enough of us say this, the poor boy can figure it out by a process of elimination :wink:

I’ll do my part. It wasn’t me either.

Obviously, it was the Masked Benefactor, striking again!

Not me, though, I was home here doing the dishes.

Not me – I was asleep at the time.

I can see it now. “I brought in you in this board, and I can take you out!”.

Wasn’t me either…

I didn’t do it either. We’re slowly narrowing down the suspects.

Could someone please pay for me too.

Could someone please pay for me too.

Don’t look in this direction. I didn’t do it. So that is 6 down, how many left?



Make it 58,560. 'Cause it tweren’t me.

We’re well on the way then. By my calculations, we’ll have the answer in a little over 840 days.

If we assume blinkingblinking didn’t pay for my sub either, that’s 8 people down in 2 hours. That means we should know who it was in about two years :slight_smile:

Wait, my calculator appears to be broken. It’s only giving me whole numbers. I think that’s thrown off my accuracy juuuuust a little :smack:

My calculations say it’ll take 610 days, or 1.67 years, at that rate.

And it wasn’t me either.

Yes, it was me.

Remember, now I own you.

So whip me up a little thread about something funny and email it to me.

Then I’d like you to compose several witty responses to current threads and have them ready for me to c&p them at any time.
Nothing to crass or vulgar please.

Then snag me an extra large coffee, triple cream and sugar.

Chop, chop!
[sub]ok… it wasn’t me.[/sub]

It is standard etiquette on the boards to bold the user’s name in a response;
“Could someone please pay for me too.”

Oh, and it wasn’t myself either.

Wasn’t me either.

Just to throw off the count I refuse to say if it was me or not. It’ll make you think twice before calling me a poopyhead.

ok. it wasn’t me either.