Who’s been vaccinated?

The wife and I got our flu shots last Thursday. Next Sunday will make eight months since my second Pfizer Covid shot, but the pharmacy told me they’re only doing immunocompromised people now. I expect the government will approve it this month, so I plan to get that third booster soon. The wife will be eligible in December.

My daughter, a nurse, and her husband, an MD, told me they’ll be getting their boosters soon, per their hospital’s reliable grapevine.

I had the AZ on an 11 week schedule earlier this year, the data on that appears to suggest that’s an optimum gap so very happy about that. I’m not surprised that Pfizer efficacy in the USA seems to be dropping off if most were done on the 3 week schedule. That’ll probably mean that many who had that are likely to need boosters sooner rather than later.

Looking likely that boosters are rolling out in the UK from this week, strictly over 50’s for now and only the Pfizer jab. So for me I’ll be having a booster of a different vaccine 5-6 months on from, and on top of, an optimally spaced initial dose. Exactly what I was hoping for. My wife is in the same boat.

My 16 year-old had her first dose about a month ago and my 14 year-old looks like he’ll be due a first dose in the next week or two. The second doses for both of them are not approved as yet but likely to be late this year and early next respectively. A sensible idea seeing as it gives time to ensure further safety data can be reviewed and the delay of the second dose gives better overall protection.