Who should be the next host of "Jeopardy!"?

I don’t suppose you want to add some context to that.

Yep, it helps if you’re fluent in French. :+1:

Isn’t this kind of like a “replacing Willie Mays in Center field” type of situation? Trebek is a legend. It will be hard for his successor to fill those shoes. Whoever they pick needs to have an air of dignity about him. That’s what I remember most about Trebek.

Back when Alex got the job, he was already a professional game show host. There were lots of game shows on the air, and when anyone made a new one, they had a pool of specialists to draw from. These days, game show hosts are usually famous for something else before they host a game show (see: Alec Baldwin, Jane Lynch, Michael Strahan, Elizabeth Banks, Joel McHale), so it’s likely they’ll go that route.

I agree with ANB, you don’t want someone who will draw attention to themself, and these three definitely would. Not that you can’t have a comedian do it, just not a famously hammy one.

I think Aisha Tyler would be a good choice.

I once thought Wolf Blitzer might make a good Jeopardy! host, but no more. :grin:

Those celebrities host limited-run nighttime game shows, with a small number of shows each year. That’s different from Jeopardy, which runs five days a week for most of the year.

Ooooooh, yeah.

That would be a really funny and ironic choice.

I know, but a actor on a movie or a TV show is not going to be able to give away 20% of their time on a strictly regimented basis to another job. Shooting movies especially requires quite a bit of agility, it’s why most TV actors have to quit in order to do movies.

Has the benefit of getting him off CNN…

LeVar Burton is already 63. Neil Patrick Harris has a lot of MC/hosting experience, age 47.

Neil Patrick Harris has a career, so I’m not sure if he’d want the job. On the other hand, Google search results claim that Alex Trebek was paid ten million a year. So that kind of money might be worth it and they only tape a few days a month. And it’s a lifetime gig. (I remember one Savage Love column in which Dan Savage said he planned to do his advice column for the rest of his life, much as Dear Abby or Ann Landers did.)

I doubt very much that the next host will pull down anywhere near Alex’s paycheck.

As for it being a lifetime gig, I don’t think that’s necessarily a given. Ratings will have something to say about that.

10 mil a year and he still did those shitty insurance commercials. I don’t get it.

I don’t get it either and he’s not the only one. Tom Selleck does crappy commercials too, and he’s got a regular gig on a CBS cop drama.

FYI, celebritynetworth.com (“The website future billionaires read every day”) says he was making $18 million a year.

Discrepancies like this could stem from some sources counting only the salary and others counting side gigs like product endorsements, etc. Or maybe they’re all just pulling numbers out of their asses. Who knows?

Ken Jennings will be the first of a series of interim hosts.

Gee, who’da thunk it? :crazy_face:

If they could somehow get Watson to guest-host for a week, I’d be absolutely tickled pink.