Who should be the next host of "Jeopardy!"?

Agreed on the clip.

Rumor has it (just heard on radio) Katie Couric will be a guest host after Ken Jennings.
Not sure how reliable that info is, so don’t take it as a sure thing.


I would like to see Randy Rainbow as a guest host.

Where I live, last night’s episode was preempted for coverage of the unrest in Washington. Normally, I wouldn’t care so much but this was one of Alex’s last shows, so I hope the ABC station runs it later.

Note that Jeopardy is syndicated (it is one of my NBC stations, but not the other NBC station I get from my OTA antenna), but yes, a rebroadcast would be nice.


FYI my local station will air the Jan 6 episode (at 1:30 PM local)
Normal airing time is 4:30 pm local (obviously it was preempted)


WLS-7 in Chicago moved Jeopardy to Channel 7-2 on the 5th (and scrolled that on the bottom of the screen on Ch. 7-1) when the local news was dominated by the Kenosha press conference(s). They didn’t do that yesterday, though Channel 7-2 was still broadcasting entertainment as 7-1 aired the news from the Capitol. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Instead, they showed yesterday’s episode at 3:07am today. :astonished::rage:

The reason for the long Ryan Reynolds clip is that Trebek has a scene (as Jeopardy host) during the movie. It’ll be kind of surreal when the movie is released.

He shows up at 1:30 in https://youtu.be/JORN2hkXLyM?t=91

Perhaps. I assumed the reason for the long clip was to promote the movie. They seem to do that frequently for Sony Pictures movies. I don’t like the self-promotion.

Although, Googling, the Ryan Reynolds movie is a Fox release (so it’s from Disney not Sony Pictures).

Any recommendations for a female replacement? I saw mention of Couric (about whom I know nothing)…

Tonight he mentioned that it’s Christmas Eve, and at the end mentioned something about how he’d see us tomorrow on Christmas Day. I’m surprised they didn’t cut those parts, too.

There was a thread here once about who should host an American version of QI. I remember thinking that Bonnie Hunt would be good. I don’t think she’d be quite right for Jeopardy!, but not an awful choice.

Last night I watched “The Chase”, a game show featuring Holzhauer, Rutter, and Jennings. The host was Sara Haines, which at first worried me because I think of her persona on the Sara and Strayhan show. However I was pleasantly surprised that she did well on The Chase.

So now I am revisiting some of the possible Jeopardy hosts that I dismissed in the past.

Maybe after Katie Couric they could offer it to Sarah Palin. She’s really good with thinky-knowy stuff, doncha know

IMHO Ken did just fine considering it was his first time.


Yeah, I thought he did pretty good. They should just drop his voice down about half an octave in post.

I imagine he spent quite a few hours doing trial runs. He was very relaxed and in control throughout the show. More so than Alex seemed in his first episodes. (I suspect he was nervous despite his game show experience because he realized Jeopardy! was a big step up the ladder.)

The New York Times has an article comparing the question of how to replace Alex Trebek with the 2007 question of how to replace Bob Barker as host of The Price Is Right. Trebek hosted Jeopardy! for 36 years, while Bob Barker hosted TPIR for 35 and the same executive producer who led TPIR through that transition is now in the same job at Jeopardy!.

I was thinking of that article while watching Ken tonight, because ISTM that he was doing a nearly perfect imitation of Alex. Which is as it should be in the first weeks, and maybe even months, of the post-Trebek era. Once they’ve settled on a permanent replacement, he/she can start making the show his/her own, as Drew Carry did with TPIR.

The only thing about Ken’s performance that wasnt perfect, and that I suspect will disqualify him for the permanent post, is his voice. As smart and pleasant and good at reading clues as Ken may be, his voice just doesn’t have the smooth and polished tone of a professional broadcast announcer. It’s thin and raspy and would not be enjoyable to listen to for 22 minutes every night. He’s a great contestant, but would not be a good permanent host, IMHO.

Most of the other possible replacements I’ve heard mentioned – e.g., Katie Couric, LeVar Burton – have professional-grade voices, and I predict that the permanent host will, too.

I’m sure he wouldn’t do it, but it just occurred to me that Jim Parsons would be great. He’s associated with highly cerebral roles-- not just on The Big Bang Theory, but in Hidden Figures, and a short stint as judicial clerk on Judging Amy, he has a good voice, and he can deliver punch lines well, without making everything about him. He also is quite personable IRL (he’s not Sheldon Cooper), and would probably do well making conversation with the contestants, and getting them to talk a little about themselves.