Who Speaks Hmoob?

Many of the ATMs (Cash Machines) in my area offer “Hmoob” as one of the language choices for service.

Which culture does this language correspond to? (If the culture is called Hmoob, as I suspect id possible, please elaborate.)

How many Hmoob speakers are living in Los Angeles (where I’ve been seeing the ATMs)?

This site is your one-stop shop for all things related to the Hmong community, who apparently speak Hmoob. I gather they’re a subset of the Laotian community. Google is your friend.

The Hmong, which will be remembered by those of us old enough to recall the Vietnam War as “Montagnards” (a Gallicism foisted on them) live principally in the highlands along the Vietnam/Laos border, and constitute a fairly large indigenous minority in both countries. I believe their language is a member of the Tai family.