Who Wants People Kibble?

As inspired by this thread:


I’m asking all of you People Kibble enthusiasts to make your voices heard!

End once and for all the debate over whether or not there is demand for such a product!

I ask those who are too busy to cook a decent meal to take a few seconds to vote YES on People Kibble!

In favor.

Hah. First to post. Bit sad, isn’t it?

For all those times when I’m not gonna taste what I eat anyway…

For all those times I have to interrupt something fun or important, in order to fix or go get food…

For all those who’ve realized that eating well is freaking expensive…

I vote YEA on People Kibble.

(The sound of crowds, roaring their approval, wafts through my imagination. I worry about myself sometimes.)



It’d better taste better than Ensure Plus drinks though.


The folks at GORP, Inc. and TrailMix, Inc. need some good competition.

Heck yes! Make it nutritional, with a good texture and not too bad taste, and CHEAP, and I’m there.

Oh yeah, mrvisible, you forgot -
For all those times I come home from work starving and dead tired.

As readers of the above thread will certainly have anticipated, I vote HELL YEAH!

Put me down for an enthusiastic YES and a five pound bag.

Yes yes yes.


Two “YEA’s” here – one from me and one from the husband. (We’re still arguing over whose turn it is to cook tonight.)

Mark Five down for an enthusiastic “yes!”

Will the manufacturer be coming out with a meatless version?

well, considering that it’s now nearly 10:00 at night, I haven’t even gotten up from my computer since the moment I got home from work at 5:30, instead I’ve been surfing the web and SDMB all evening, and the only thing I can reach at the moment to eat are chocolate chip cookies in a bag… hell yes, I could go for this.

(btw, make a variety with extra caffeine added and sell it to computer geeks, it’ll do quite well)

I vote yes. Just tell me when it’s shipping and I’ll give you the address to send the 10-kg bag to… :slight_smile: …and does PeopleChow Corp accept PayPal?

Another YES vote here.
I’m geting tired of Purina Monkey Chow, anyway.

Put me down as a yes. I’d like it in individual serving sizes pouches to keep under my car seat for emergencies.

Why not? It can’t be any worse than some of the crap my parents like to make me eat.

I think it’s a fabulous idea and I am amazed that we don’t have it yet. Why do we give our pets and all inclusive completely healthy diet with everything they need all in one place and yet we haven’t demanded such a food product for ourselves. Just think of all the time and trouble it would save. No more deciding what for dinner. It would make shopping such an easy process that we would literally have many hours of free time given back to us every week. I think the idea is long overdue. Definitely.

Did I leave the gate open?