Who Wants to be a superhero? 8/17

Last week, in a “shocking” turn of events, Ty’Veculus was sent packing after trying to eliminate Lemuria and an outraged Fat Momma vowed revenge.

Tonight, men in spandex hug convicted felons. Let’s watch!

I feel sorry for Creature and Lemuria. Two scantily clad women surrounded by convicts? Ouch.

My prediction: one of the white boys will be eliminated. There’s no need for two white boys at this late stage. The ex-stripper guy is funnier, so my guess is Feedback is going.

Between Fat Momma and Lemuria, Lem had the harder task by far. Of course, merely getting up and attempting to sit your ass down on her lap may not have been the best strategy. If they had only given her a male inmate, it wouldn’t have been any problem at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hee hee hee…Dark Enforcer waved a tip at Major Victory…hee hee hee…

“I’m going to miss Feedback.”

HA! :smiley:

Damn, two hot chicks cut in the same episode? Who does Stan think the fanbase is?

I don’t get how Stan Lee bases his eliminations. He simply must not be the one to decide.

I was for Creature to take it all. If the rationale was that she J-walked, I bet I could find similiar circumstances for each of the remaining. I thought that Creature had it all, (Captain Planet has nothing on her).

Then again, I don’t read comics (Manga doesnt count, right?) and I wasn’t sure about how this show would turn out. I caught the second episode halfway though, Like all good shows, I found this in the middle of an episode while flipping.

Case in Point, I think Fat Momma is going to Win. Simply because its so “different” when it comes to superhero. I mean, lets face the fact, that shes in the last episode, and shes… Atypical of standard superheros. -Part of me knows that Creature has her roots in previous, already published superheros

However I remain entirely surprised at how well done this show is done. I saw the Comicon footage on Scifi 's website. The fact that each task has a hidden agenda, and that, the hidden agenda tests solely on human abillity, leads to a show that, while portraying to “Reality” tv, is light years above the common reality slop.
Im on the fence as to if the Convicts would have acted that way. Did anyone catch the full “broilerplate” legalities on the convicts at the end? Was part of the Convict Task staged?

Im not sure how we deal with teasers for up comming episode so here goes:

I think Stan offs Feedback, and thats why he breaks down. Then again, we where shown an inserted shot of Fat Momma Crying, which I didnt see tonight, in the preiovus ep.

I think that Stan made the correct decisions based on the challenges given, not demographically or metagamey, but he killed off the two characters who failed the worst at the two challenges given, though I tought the interview the family challenge was a bit unfair.

I thought Feedback performed admirably with the convict. Previously, I dismissed him as a suckup, (and after his speech to Stan, still think of him as a suck up) but he did well providing an appropriate moment for a hug, and I think that convict feels better about him than about Major Victory. Also, his asking for a hug instead of just going for it was both smart and respectful, though that may have just been motivated by fear.

I still think and hope Major Victory wins

But she was the first one to choose so I don’t really feel too bad about her losing.

I wonder if the convicts were actors? If they were, they should get Oscars. They managed to actually scare me. I did notice that they hadn’t been sweating any time recently. One would kind of expect that if they’d actually been busy picking up trash on a roadside on a sunny California day.

If they aren’t actors, I wonder if Feedback will really keep in touch with that guy? It would be interesting to see how that goes in the months and years to come. In any case, he did the best with his secret task. I’m with Taber in thinking he’s too much of a suck-up to win though.

I really like both Major Victory and Fat Mama. I wish they could both win. I think Fat Mama’s concern for others will make her the big winner though.

Lumeria/Lemuria is gone. :frowning: No need to continue with the show now. One more episode, right? Maybe I can force myself through another.

That said, I want to find whatever bar it is that Lemuria/Lumeria does her table dancing at!

“The convicts depicted were not real convicts but paid actors…but don’t worry, the Superheroes didn’t know that!”

Paid they may have been, but actors? Not so much.

Yeah The timing was too convient if you asked me. The time seemed to be up just before the third attempt of the task could be completed, allowing a “buzzer beater” of a shot.

I Thought I saw some elipsis on the legality, hence why I asked. It implied to me that some ““joke”” or otherwise ‘false’ pretense was setup. I might be a tad naive here, but I don’t think that Hardened criminals would have been that stand offish. I would have enjoyed the change of scenery, and someone new to talk to, for 5 minutes, even if in tights.

While I can’t see how it looked through our heroes’ eyes, it was extraordinarily obvious from TV that this was staged. The convicts also probably knew which “task” to fail; whatever hero chose that task was going to fail.

The guard did mention something about 15 minutes; that would make more sense in an one-on-one conversation with the heroes. Of course, it would have been the whole show had they shown the entire conversation, so we see the edited version.

Personally, I’m curious about how these people are interacting outside of the show. Last week, we saw that Ty’Veculus, Fat Momma, and Lemuria were having some issues. These didn’t seem spontaneous to me, but rather the result of the built up frustrations during the course of the competition.

sigh, I still want Lemuria to win, but as that ain’t going to happen, I’m voting for Major Victory. He’s simply having too much fun doing this to be cut. He certainly has the Peter Parker thing going: do your tasks responsibly, but have fun doing them.

[nitpick]Stan keeps getting his comic book stuff wrong. Secret identities (Fantastic Four don’t have them), removing capes (Superman has used his cape to help maintain someone’s modesty or as a blanket), righting past wrongs (Spiderman’s whole motivation). I wish someone would call him on it.[/nitpick]

Am I the only one who thought that Fat Momma got the benefit of some very liberal judging on brushing the hair? I could have sworn that at least two of the times she didn’t touch a thing.

I will give you Fat Momma’s Hair brush, if you give me Major Vicctories massages.

Since we are working with the knowelge that the convicts where paid actors, What then do we make of Feedback ?

Theoretically, Feedback did not know that was a paid actor, so he gets a pass.

Given that the men had the male prisoner, and the women had the female prisoners, what would have happened had Feedback or Major Victory had the hair brushing?

Heck, he gave Feedback grief for teasing Tyv about his costume. Has he forgotten that Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm – his own creations – rag on each other all the time?

Hell, I knew they were actors right from the beginning- the female convict has been on at least two commercials. I recognized her immediately.

I wonder how friendly Creature will be with the friend that cost her the prize? Low blow, Stan… although I found myself hoping that she’d just keep on taking of pieces of her costume- wow, those abs.

And getting after her for jaywalking? Spiderman does that all the time- Stan just seems desperate for a way to get rid of 'em, at this point.

I think this episode marked the point where I ceased to care- it all just feels too contrived.

I’m having a hard time deciding how to feel about Feedback’s completing the task. One the one hand he said that he wasn’t going to try to trick the guy into a hug but on the other hand it’s pretty hard to get any more emotionally manipulative than invoking your father’s suicide.

Presumably the producers, having total control over the scenario, wouldn’t have brought out a bald prisoner for someone with a hair-brushing task.