Who Wants to be a superhero? 8/9/07 SPOILERS

Last week: We were bee-wildered and bee-mused when Mindset refused to bee a supervillain’s bee-yotch, only to bee eliminated by Stan Bee, er, Lee.

This week: Intimations of a mole amongst the heroes! Holy Rotiart! Let’s watch!

My money’s on Mister Mitzvah being the mole. Hell, I hope he is, just so we can be rid of him- he freaks me out, man.

His behaviour doesn’t really say “mole,” though. As a mole he should be trying to ingratiate himself with the others to get them to reveal damaging information to be used against them. Instead he’s been stand-offish and odd.

I suddenly have a feeling that there is no mole. The suggestion of a mole is to see how the heroes respond to it. Do they bond together or do they turn on each other?

Huzzah. The two most useless contestants both gone in the same night. Good work, Mister Lee.

This is exactly why I was so strong on Mitzvah not being long for the ep. I too thought Mitzvah was the mole, and probably at the same time in the episode tonight, concluded that there wasnt one.
But Limelight going, tonight… was real shocker. I mean I knew she wouldnt win, but for both LL and MM , they should have gone 4 weeks ago. (Yes, thats sarcasm my firends.)
Anyway, I was like “They cant off Basura” I mean she is so… not invested in the show, yet she isnt forcing the issue (as mitzvah did). Basura will probably fill in for a few more dummy elimination spots.
Needless to say, the show just got recharged, and I didnt think it fully needed it yet.
Whip snap cant leave, or pull a Fat Momma… If she does, Hyper Strike seems to be Feedback’s Son. == If Whip Snap leaves, My money is on HS

Does anyone else think they should change Hygena’s name to “The Scowler”?

As the personalities start to come out more, I think my favorite is now Hyper-Strike. He seems sincere and somewhat with-it.

And its seems that we can’t go two scenes without someone crying.

Heck, with that glitter she’s always wearing, it always looks like she’s crying anyway.

Last season these threads went on for days. This season they’re sinking like rocks. No love for WWTBASH anymore?

Otto, frankly Im glad that it is not just us two. It started out like that.
I had to find the show durring channel flipping to find out that I liked it. So I think some people left thinking it was a one trick pony / other shows… I dont think it accquired new viewers.

Why is it, that all my favorite shows (24 – old school 24 – excluded) have to find me durring channel flipping?

I’m enjoying the show. I like Parthenon and Hyperstrike the best, with a slight edge to Parthenon.

I don’t know if anyone else agrees, but this seems to be a reality show where there are more people on it who actually watched the first season before they got on it. They seem to have more of an idea of what Stan Lee is looking for. However, because of this, it seems that Stan is being a bit more nitpicky. Does anyone else get this impression?

And out of the thousands of applicants, they couldn’t have found anyone more compelling than “Ms. Limelight?” She didn’t know what her powers were, and for interest and “compelling superhero character” I’d put her in the same category as “Cell Phone Girl.”

This is a big part of the reason I’m convinced the whole thing is rigged and scripted from the get-go. If it were not presented as a “reality” show, but rather a spoof of reality shows, I’d enjoy it more (I still watch, though). If Stan Lee really wants a straightforward, marketable superhero, anyone with half a brain cell knows Hygena isn’t going to sell any comics. It would be a much more compelling show if “serious” superhero characters were subjected to tests of endurance and athleticism, as well as intellect and morals.

This season is really sucking for me. Last year’s contestants seemed a lot more invested in their personas and were funny the way they stayed in character. This year, most of them didn’t even know their powers, and their super personas are the way they are in real life. I was really hoping for another Major Victory or Monkey Woman, someone with a difference between themselves and their characters.

Hyperstrike not liking his costume. --Tell me he didnt see TY Veculus with his costume.
But yeah, I would agree 100%

That and Its apparent that the archetypes are the same. We have a Major Victory / Scene Stealer and a Fat Momma / Make you feel good about yourself again for this season.